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CS Reuse Multi-unit Program

Property Management
Save Money & Time!

Simply the best and most convenient way to remove unwanted items from multi-unit residential buildings.

As a property manager have you experienced discarded items left out by your trash, in hopes of someone else takes it away?

Having to track down tenants and impose fines?

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For Property Management & Tenant Associations

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Sign up for the program using the form above or by calling 1-800-260-2737

Bin is dropped off at building

Contact us when full to schedule pick up at multiunit@checksammy.com or 1-800-260-2737

Items delivered to thrift stores and charitable organizations

Gift-cycle right on site

CheckSammy is the easiest and most convenient way to move goods out of storage and deliver to local thrift stores and charitable organizations.

No more hassles dealing with no-shows, hagglers and safety concerns from online classifieds.

Clean and Fast Process

Dedicated 1,100 litre bin, registered to your multi-unit residential building.

Pick up when ready!

Once at capacity, property management will notify us, by phone or email, and we redirect it to thrift stores and charitable organizations. It’s that simple!

Convenient & Fast!

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CS Reuse Program

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