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Sustainability Starts With Us.  That’s something we take to heart at CheckSammy, and today we’re proud to back that up with action that will have a measurable benefit to the planet.

The CheckSammy Carbon Offset program makes the carbon credit purchase experience simple and transparent to businesses who want to make a positive impact, improve their ESG metrics or achieve carbon neutrality.   

Trees to minimize carbon footprintThe global carbon credit market, estimated to grow to $50B by 2030, is complex and confusing, leaving many companies bewildered by choice and lack trust in the process, due to the historically convoluted processes involved.   CheckSammy is proud to walk the path towards carbon neutrality and to help guide like-minded brands on their own sustainability journey.

We believe that trust, transparency and simplicity best pave the path forward for companies that want to reduce their carbon footprint, and CheckSammy’s Carbon Offset program represents our commitment to make the process trustworthy, transparent and simple for our partners.

Whether your goal is to achieve net zero carbon commitments, build a carbon credit portfolio, or just take your first positive step in a sustainable direction, CheckSammy can help you achieve your goals, via our Carbon Offset program or through our Sustainability and Reverse Logistics services.

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