Retailers: Clear Out Your Receiving Rooms and Make Room for New Merchandise

Most retail stores have a major issue with storage space. As a result, many retailers stash excess items in their receiving room or an offsite storage unit. While this is okay for a quick fix, a chronically cluttered receiving room can spell disaster for retail shops.

From old fixtures to excess products, a messy receiving room should be avoided. Let’s take a closer look at the messy receiving room – what causes it, why it’s a problem, and what you can do about it.

Supply Chain Issues + Waning Consumer Demand = A Serious Inventory Problem

Messy receiving rooms aren’t a new problem, but they are a worsening one. Right now, many retailers are over-inventoried. Chances are, they placed too many orders when supply chain issues were at their peak – and now that those issues are subsiding, retailers are sitting on an abundance of inventory.

Normally, excess inventory isn’t a major cause for concern. But rising inflation woes have led to lower consumer spending, meaning the worrisome inventory issues have become a reason to sound the alarm. In fact, retailers’ inventories are up 22%, reaching a 10-year high.

These conditions reached a fever pitch as we entered the holiday season, when retailers are known to order extra inventory, seasonal items, and holiday fixtures.

While some stores might have the storage, many are forced to put all that excess inventory wherever they can find space. This often means piling things up in a corner of the receiving room, which presents even more problems.

The Issues with Cluttered Receiving Rooms

When retail shops store all their excess inventory and old fixtures in their receiving rooms, it becomes very difficult to receive new products. But that’s not the only issue.

Excess clutter makes it difficult for staff to move around and puts people at risk. It can also make tracking and managing inventory challenging, leading to a lack of control and increasing the risk of potential theft or damage to your goods. Additionally, storing inventory and fixtures in the receiving room can impede product visibility, making it difficult to track what is available and where it’s located.

This clutter becomes even more problematic when there are no future plans for using it. In other words, the product has already gone through the markdown phase, or the fixture has no plans for later use. In these cases, it’s just taking up valuable space and causing issues, with no actionable plans for use down the line.

This is where retail clean-outs can come into play.

Retail Clean-Outs to The Rescue

At CheckSammy, we help retail stores handle their excess junk via our totally customized retail clean-outs. Retail clean-outs are exactly what they sound like. You simply reach out, and we show up with our truck to haul off any items taking up space in your loading docks, receiving rooms, and storage spaces.

Unlike other junk haulers, we don’t just toss your junk in the landfill. Instead, we aim to divert as much waste away from landfills as possible by donating and recycling what we can. We also offer debranding so you don’t have to worry about your company’s hard-earned reputation getting hurt in the process.

After we haul, we can send you a complete track-and-trace report of everything we hauled away, including details about what we did with your items. You can then apply that information to help improve your ESG scores or company reputation.

Whip Your Receiving Rooms Back into Shape with Retail Clean-Outs

Don’t wait until you have excess inventory and fixtures pouring out of your store to take action. Instead, take a proactive step toward controlling your clutter with a customized retail clean-out.

Ready to learn more? Contact us today to schedule your retail clean-out.


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