The April SpringClean Initiative

In April, we worked with Ocean Co to remove ocean-bound plastic from our planet as part of CheckSammy SpringClean.  For every job completed, we removed 1lb and for every new location serviced, we removed 10 lbs on behalf of our clients.  We’re proud of the huge impact that the extended CheckSammy Family made by removing 11,689 lbs of ocean-bound plastic!

CheckSammy SpringClean

For every job carried out in April, we would remove 1lb of ocean-bound plastic from our waterways.  For every new location or new client serviced, we would remove 10lbs! Check out our CheckSammy SpringClean dashboard here

Community Engagement and Impact

SpringClean would not have been as successful, or even possible, without the active participation and engagement of the CheckSammy Family – our customers, our haulers, and our employees.  In April, the CheckSammy Family worked together with Ocean Co to put our money and our boots where our mouths are, by generating a positive impact in the world for every job our teams were involved in.

The collective impact was awe-inspiring to us, as 11,689 lbs. of ocean-bound plastic will be removed through our partnership with Ocean Co and their network. The significance of this is meaningful, as it represents a tangible step forward in protecting marine life and preserving fragile ecosystems.

A Commitment to Environmental Conservation:

CheckSammy’s dedication to environmental conservation extends far beyond the SpringClean initiative. We have partnered, and will partner in the future, with companies like Ocean Co to ensure that the mission continues well beyond the month of April.  We want to take this time recognize the collective effort and push for good by the CheckSammy Family, but we don’t want to lose sight of future efforts.  As we reflect on the accomplishments of SpringClean, let’s be inspired to take future action, too, to reduce ocean bound plastic. Together, we can create a sustainable future for the generations to follow.

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