The CheckSammy Family Expands

On November 30, 2022 CheckSammy announced a USD $15 million investment from Zero Infinity Partners, FirePower Capital and PaceZero Capital Partners.  The press release can be read in its entirety here, but in this post we’d like to talk about what that investment means to us.  First, it means that 3 independent organizations looked at CheckSammy, did their due diligence on the company and the people behind it, and chose to invest in us with their own money. Second, they looked at the landscape that CheckSammy operates within and saw the same set of opportunities that our co-founders Sam Scoten and Paul Botelho saw when they founded the company in 2019. Third, they saw how their capital infusion would help us speed up the delivery of our tech infrastructure to support our growth and fuel the marketing efforts to scale that growth.
We look forward to working with our partners, clients and the greater CheckSammy team in general to increase our Sustainability, Reverse Logistics, Waste Management, Power Washing and Tech capabilities to enable our clients to be both fiscally and environmentally responsible.
At CheckSammy, we like to say that sustainability starts with us.  And today we’re beyond proud that Zero Infinity Partners, FirePower Capital and PaceZero Capital Partners are now part of us.

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