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CS Cities

The Landfill Reduction Solution
for Large Metros

CheckSammy seeks to reduce textiles, e-waste and household items from landfills by ONE THIRD OR MORE.

Billions of pounds in textiles, electronics, toys, household items are sent to North American landfills each year. 

CS Cities Solution

CheckSammy has the technology, team, and logistics in place to effectively handle any large metro for curbside pickup.  

Problem Begins Here

Unused, perfectly good items often get tossed into trash cans and end up in landfills. 

Distribution of Bags to Households

CS Cities delivers bags (150 lb capacity) to homes and multi-unit residential buildings. Bags are then loaded with textiles, electronics, toys, sports goods, books, kitchenware, etc.

Convenient Curbside Pick Up

Notification of curbside pick up will be communicated to neighborhoods throughout the city.   

CS Distribution Centre

 Items are sorted, then distributed to thrift stores and charitable organizations. 

Building Smart Cities

CheckSammy provides smart cities invaluable data, never before collected, by way of efficient technologies. Smart cities use data and technology to create efficiencies, improve sustainability, create economic development, and enhance quality of life factors for people living and working in the city. 

Contact Sam Scoten, Co-Founder & CEO for CS Cities Program Details

Call: 604-764-2994 or email: sam@checksammy.com

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