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Not everyone has the time or transportation to pick up small, medium or large items. Enjoy the convenience of delivery.

Never worry about the hassle of renting a moving van or pickup again! See something you like on CheckSammy, Craigslist, Kijiji or your local retail store? Just upload photos, add a brief description and we’ll quote you instantly.


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Set your pickup and drop-off, choose the
vehicle size, and when you need it.


We’ll Take it From Here

Our driver will arrive and load your stuff safely
and securely. We’ll see you at your destination!


Rate and Review

We upload your items and place them right
where you want them. Tell us about your

Other ways to use us

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CheckSammy – Free Items

Donations & Junk


Craigslist, Kijiji Purchases


We are unable to remove chemicals & liquids

We won’t take paint, chemical liquids, chemical waste or any other type of
illegal substances.

An Endless Supply of Free Items

CheckSammy gives you access to an endless supply of free items throughout your city.

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