Full Stack Engineer – Vancouver, BC (Hybrid)

Under the direction of the VP of SaaS, your passion is delivering exceptional experiences and you are aware of the impact you can have on the business. In addition to being able to design, implement, and maintain technical solutions, you’re also able to work collaboratively with non-technical employees to translate their needs into products that work and get accepted by people. JavaScript and JavaScript frameworks are at the near expert level of your knowledge.

The software developers on our team are proud of the work they do, and you will be part of it. To accomplish this, we’re looking for a Intermediate Full-Stack Developer to develop new features for our apps, build well-tested modular interfaces, and create best-in-class user experiences.


  • Excellent programming language skills in cloud-based web applications using a modern technology stack (Lambda, Python, React, TypeScript, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Docker, GraphQL, etc.)
  • Demonstrated knowledge of software development theory and state of the art practices
  • Solving tough technical and business challenges by collaborating with your team and writing great code
  • Experience with offline-first design and development
  • Helping to define and support the infrastructure on which your code runs
  • Developing tools, alerts, instruments, and monitoring for your code in collaboration with the DevOps team to ensure our applications are running smoothly
  • Has strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Is willing to mentor and coach more junior team members, helping to grow our team
  • This type of person is action-oriented. For you, speed and quality aren’t mutually exclusive. You’ve shown great judgement about shipping as fast as possible while ensuring your products and platforms are built in a sustainable, responsible way – and you’re comfortable with mistakes as long as you learn from them.


  • 5 to 7 years’ experience information technology
  • Post-secondary degree or diploma in Engineering, Computer Science, or an equivalent combination of experience and knowledge
  • Familiarity with the Agile project management methodology
  • Familiarity with statistical analysis (such as experiment design and hypothesis testing)
  • Portfolio of software projects available for review
  • Collaborates with product, design and other stakeholders to plan, breakdown and implement product features
  • The depth and quality of your professional experience are more important than the quantity. We typically look for candidates with 5+ years of professional development experience (this doesn’t have to be in our stack, and it isn’t a requirement).
  • Takes initiative, generating new and innovative approaches to problem solving
  • Enjoys multi-tasking and cross-disciplinary work connecting engineering to the domains they are working in

Please submit your resume, cover letter to [email protected]