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The easiest and most affordable way for your business to recycle

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CheckSammy - Mailback
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Includes access to our cutting edge reporting platform.

Every box we receive will be weighed, recorded and a detailed report will be delievered on Veridiant

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Box Details

Size Dimensions Price (starting at)
Small 12" x 12" x 20" $80.00
Medium 12" x 12" x 38" $104.00
Large 15" x 13" x 38" $156.00

Prepaid Shipping

Mailback your box, free of charge!

• UPS Shipping label attached to the box
• Let UPS know when your box is ready for pickup

How it works

Recycling with us is easy: simply choose the Mailback box for what you'd like to recycle, fill the box, and send it back to CheckSammy. We will handle the rest!

Pick It

Pick It

Browse our selection of waste boxes and select the one that fits your needs.

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Fill It

Fill It

Fill your waste box with the excess material you'd like to recycle.

Ship It

Ship It

When filled, send your box back to us using the attached prepaid shipping label and we'll handle the Recycling!

CheckSammy Mailback Program

Our Mailback Program provides a comprehensive recycling solution for businesses of any size

  • Boxes Distributed Nationwide
  • Pre-Paid Shipping Label Provided
  • User Friendly Box Design
  • Custom Branding Available
  • Subscription Discounts Available
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Why choose the CheckSammy Mailback Program

We know modern businesses have countless responsibilities, and the effective management of recycling shouldn't be another. Choosing CheckSammy's Mailback program is the smart, stress-free way to recycle.

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Once you sign up for our Mailback Porgram, your role is done. We'll handle everything: picking up, sorting, and diverting your materials from landfills.

We aim to make recycling accessible for businesses of all sizes, so our prices are 30-40% more affordable.

Our Mailback Program stretches across United States. Whether your business has one location or over a thousand, it doesn't matter - our network ensures that our recycling solutions are always available.

When you opt into a subscription plan, We will automatically replenish your box as we receive the previous one.

You can be confident that your excess materials are in responsible hands. Our commitment to sustainability is at the heart of our operations.

We provide all the necessary reports for local, state, or federal compliance requirements.