How It Works

  • SmartBIN can be found in your recycling/waste area
  • Place reusable items in the SmartBIN
  • Smart sensors let us know when the SmartBIN is full
  • We pick up and sort contents of the SmartBIN
  • All items redirected to charities or thrift stores

Did you know that 9.5 million pounds of reusable goods are thrown out each year?

We are proud to offer a program that will make it easy and convenient for you to keep reusable items out of our landfills.

  • REVIVE leader!

What We Take

What can be placed in CheckSammy Smart bins?

What We Don’t Take

What can’t be placed in Checksammy Smart bins?

Download our Multi-Family Reuse Program Guide

Unlock all the benefits for a
smarter workplace.

Improve waste reduction with insight on our two programs for Multi-Tenant buildings.

Included in the guide

How CS Multi-Family Programs work
What is our CS Large Item Removal Program
Benefits of our Program

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