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Multi-Family Reuse

How It Works Multi-Family Reuse Program

CheckSammy is a sustainability company focused on reducing what enters our landfills by providing a solution for the Reuse, Repurpose and Reviving of used consumer goods all while providing detailed metrics in sustainability efforts to Property Management companies.

CheckSammy has two programs for Multi-Tenant buildings that make it easy and convenient for both property managers to use and residents to participate in.

Please take a few minutes to review the details, as there are many benefits of these programs, including helping to contribute to a more sustainable tomorrow.

CheckSammy places 1.3 yd³, 800lb capacity bins in the recycling/waste area of the building.

Building occupants can place reusable items in the bin when they are selling, moving, or just needing to de-clutter.

Our fill level sensors automatically tell us when the bin is reaching capacity. The CheckSammy drivers then add the location to their route pick up and bin is emptied.

Large Item Removal Program

CheckSammy can remove any large items left behind by occupants or even appliances that are being replaced.

Pickup will be co-ordinated with CS Reuse bin pickup.

Flat-fee preferred pricing per item OR based on number of doors.

The Benefit Of Our Program 

An easy and convenient way for occupants to reduce usable items from entering landfills.
A simple flat rate monthly program.

Eliminates Managers from having to take things out of the garbage bins that shouldn’t be there, saving the Property Management time and money in dumping fees.

Relevant data reports can be provided on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis (number of pickups, tonnage, percentage breakdown).

A single point solution for Multi-Family Reuse and Large Item Removal – a “one-stop-shop”.

Every Property Management Company will prevent approximately 4.5 tons of goods per 200-unit building from entering landfills annually.

Location Ideas for Your CheckSammy Bins

Large Condo Tower with Signage

Outdoor Collection

Outdoor Garden Apartment

Outdoor Waste Collection Area

Parking Garage Collection

Trash Room

Under Ground Collection Area


Property Manager FAQ’s

Common questions and answers.

Why do we need this program?
  • Reusable items are consistently found in waste bins which results in extra sorting work and possible fines.
  • Landfills are overflowing with reusable goods. Together we will prevent up to 4.5 tons per building from entering your local landfill.
Where can the SmartBIN(s) be located? What if space is a concern?
  • SmartBINS can be placed in the waste collection area, secured in the resident parking area or you can work with the CheckSammy driver to decide on a suitable location.
  • Outdoor locations areas are common and SmartBINS are equipped for inclement weather conditions.
Are the SmartBINS safe?
  • YES! The lids can be easily lifted if someone happens to get inside.
  • Wheels are all locked so rolling will not occur.
What are the Dimensions of the CS Reuse SmartBIN?

Volume: 1000 litres / 36 cu ft / 1.3 cu yds
Maximum load weight: 400 kg / 880 lbs.
Length: 1150mm / 45 in.
Width: 1070mm / 42 in.
Height: 1220mm / 48 in.
Weight: 59 kg / 130 lbs.

Bin Size and Dimensions

How much extra work will this require?
  • The short answer is IT WON’T!
  • Each SmartBIN has a sensor installed so we are automatically notified when it needs to be emptied.
  • We provide all Resident Education materials.
What if I have a question/concern?

Contact CheckSammy at [email protected] or call 1-800-495-4401

What does CheckSammy do with the SmartBIN contents?
  • SmartBIN contents are redirected to thrift stores or charities.
  • If necessary, we send some items to approved recycling partners.

Download our Multi-Family Reuse Program Guide

Unlock all the benefits for a
smarter workplace.

Improve waste reduction with insight on our two programs for Multi-Tenant buildings.

Included in the guide

How CS Multi-Family Programs work
What is our CS Large Item Removal Program
Benefits of our Program

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