Diverting 70,000+ Pounds from the Landfill

“CheckSammy never turns down a job,” Alfiero said. “They do what they say they’ll do, and that’s so important. We use them for recyclables and junk waste removal, but they’ll come out to a community the same day just to get overflow waste from our containers as well. They are a wonderfully reliable partner, and I always know what to expect, both from a service and a billing standpoint.”

During those catastrophic Texas winter storms combined with historically low temperatures, there was no waste pick-up service for a week.

“We have one apartment community that is particularly difficult to reach because the container is under the parking garage,” Alfiero said. “We worked with CheckSammy to arrange a pickup. It wasn’t easy for them to pull it off, but they fit us in and were there for us even in the middle of a widespread disaster.”

Cortland’s portfolio is based primarily in the South, and Alfiero uses CheckSammy from North Carolina to Colorado, using their on-demand, subscription pricing for bulk removal at many of Cortland’s apartment communities across the country.

CheckSammy is currently diverting about 70 percent of items collected for Cortland to recycling or sustainable-solution outlets. Since Cortland began doing business with CheckSammy six months ago, the national hauler has diverted approximately 57,000 pounds from Cortland’s participating communities.

“We always try to partner with vendors who align with our core values, and CheckSammy is a service provider that has fit right in with our values and future initiatives, particularly when it comes to our broader sustainability impact,” she said.

Focusing on diversion rates is a great example of how CheckSammy helps companies achieve and track their sustainability goals, and many of the usable recycled items that they pick up go to those in need.

“These data points are important for us, too, particularly when it comes to our EnergyStar and sustainability reporting,” Alfiero said.