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CS Reuse Residential Program

For Home Owners, Renters and Community Events

Choosing a Bin or Bag

Got some serious clearing out to do? Probably a BIN (or two) is the right option for you! Things gotten a little out of hand? Decluttering some closets, garage or a storage space? Then a BAG could do the trick!

BIN: CheckSammy offers home owners the ability to gift-cycle unwanted consumer items accumulated over time. We drop off a high capacity (500 lbs) bin for you to fill and automatically pick it up 72 hours later with all items redirected to thrift stores and charitable organizations in your area.

BAG: These bags pack a punch! With a capacity of 150 lbs. the CS Reuse Residential Bag (made of recycled material) is for any type of residence including single or multi-family dwellings such as apartment buildings. Bags arrive by mail then, once filled, you arrange for pick up.  

Items Accepted

Clothing, shoes, accessories, books, toys, knick-knacks, sports equipment, small electronics, kitchenware, houseware, linens, tools, garden equipment, small furniture, lamps, small electronics, cell phones, tablets, basically anything that can be found in your local thrift store (that can be fitted in bin or bag).

 Additional information on the CS Reuse Program is available on the FAQs pageStill have questions? Email us at residential@checksammy.com or call 1-800-260-2737. 

CheckSammy is committed to your privacy, learn more about our privacy statement.


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