CheckSammy Roll-Off

CheckSammy Roll-Off

Open Top Containers

CheckSammy Roll-Off is an integral part of your onsite waste management plan, and a critical component of CheckSammy’s solution provision. We understand the importance of reliable and efficient waste management practices, and our open top containers are ideal for any commercial, construction or industrial use.

Whether you have a temporary need for an Open Top Container to stage materials such as wood, drywall, metal, timber or concrete we have what you need – anywhere across the country at a consistent, nationwide pricing. Or if you need a more permanent solution to collect material such as returned goods, crops, raw material, finished product, packaging material, organic waste or anything else, we’ve got a solution for your needs, too.

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Why CheckSammy Roll-Off?

Nationwide Service & Pricing

No matter where you need service, we’re there for you and we have consistent, upfront national pricing that is typically 30-40% lower than our competition.

We Deliver

We’ll drop the container off, and come back to remove the contents or haul it away. Just tell us where you need it, and we’ll do the rest.
Personalized Service: Our dedicated team of Account Managers is always available to assist you with any service needs you have.

Flexible Use Cases

An open top container has no roof, allowing material to be loaded and unloaded from the top, making it ideal for over-height or bulky items that cannot be loaded through the doors of a standard container.

Multiple Services, One Call

Whether you need emergency waste removal, power washing or Open Top services, we’re your one-stop shop.

Various size options

We offer a range of sizes to suit any waste removal needs, from small containers for light waste to large containers for heavy industrial waste.

We’ll Keep ‘em Clean

Our containers are designed for easy cleaning and CheckSammy’s Power Washing services can keep them looking spic and span while they’re on your site.

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How Can You Benefit from CheckSammy Roll-Off?

CheckSammy offers bulk junk removal, recycling services, power washing and now open top dumpster services. Coupled with the convenience of our nationwide service and consistent national pricing. That means we can pull multiple levers to deliver you the solution that makes the most sense – for you.

By reducing landfill waste, reducing labor costs, reducing site clutter, and offering innovative deployment, CheckSammy’s Open Tops are a critical tool for companies looking to improve waste management.

Reduced Landfill Waste

One of the most significant benefits of using Open Tops in construction is their ability to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. By using Open Tops, you can separate recyclable materials from non-recyclable materials and properly dispose of each type of waste. This not only helps to reduce the environmental impact of construction projects but also saves construction companies money by reducing disposal fees.

Reduced Labor Costs

Using Open Tops can reduce labor costs by enabling efficient onsite waste management, reducing the need for manual labor and minimizing the amount of time spent disposing of waste, which also improves worker safety.

Reduced Site Clutter

Open Tops help to reduce site clutter by providing centralized and modular onsite waste management. Consolidating waste keeps sites organized and tidy, making it easier for workers to navigate the site and reducing risk of injury.

Customized Solution

You can choose wheel-equipped Open Tops, which are easier to move around the site. Or choose stackable Open Tops, to give you more storage space without taking up more room onsite.

Holistic Approach

CheckSammy is not an Open Top company. We’re not a Sustainability company, nor are we an on-demand Waste Removal or Power Washing company.


Take a positive step toward reducing landfill waste. Contact us to discuss how we can help you level up your sustainability initiatives with our commercial junk removal, recycling and analytics solutions today.

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