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Evictions and foreclosures are never easy, and getting rid of left-behind items can be the toughest part. That’s why property owners and municipalities across North America trust CheckSammy with their foreclosure clean outs. We go in and move everything to a second location, leaving the location broom clean. Then, we photograph and catalog all items we haul off and send the report to you.

Once we’ve confirmed the tenant did not return for their items, we don’t just take them to a landfill. We reuse, repurpose, and recycle everything we can and send you a detailed report of what we did with all the removed items. Evictions aren’t easy. Let us take care of the clean-up with our eviction services and foreclosure clean outs.


At CheckSammy, we not only remove your unwanted junk, we sort it and determine the most sustainable path for reuse, recycling, or disposal.


One person’s trash is another person’s treasure, and that’s not lost on us. In fact, it’s a massive part of our sustainability program. We partner with charities and resale shops to give reusable left-behind items new life. If the items from your foreclosure clean outs can be salvaged and reused, we’ll make sure that happens.


If the junk is too worn down to be donated, we recycle it. Together with our recycling partners, the junk is broken down into separate materials and recycled. Often, a single piece of junk is comprised of many recyclable materials like wood, plastics, and metals. We take the time to meticulously dismantle, sort, and recycle everything we can.


We started this company to help reduce landfill waste. Our goal is to remain as sustainable as possible, which means we avoid landfills at all costs. Many companies claim this, but we back it up with complete and transparent track and trace reporting. We provide detailed reports for full transparency. If we can’t repurpose or recycle an item, we dispose of it responsibly, and it’s never a burden for you.


If you have it, we most likely take it. From a few items left behind in a home to an entire apartment complex worth of stuff, our specialists in foreclosure clean outs are ready to haul it off. If you’re worried about whether a specific item can be removed, reach out to our team of specialists. They’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

  • Bulky Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Clothing
  • Computers and TVs
  • Garbage and Junk
  • Carpets and Rugs
  • Mattresses
  • Pianos
  • Furnaces
  • And More


Our simple process and best-in-class pricing paired with our next-generation tech and commitment to sustainability make us an indispensable partner for foreclosure clean outs for property managers and communities everywhere.


Once you book foreclosure clean outs with CheckSammy, your work is complete. We pick up, haul off, sweep up, sort, and divert your junk.


Subscription-based or on-demand, our prices are 30-40% below other national competitors. We offer best-in-class pricing with no hidden fees – ever.


We’re partnered with resale shops, recycling centers, composting stations, and more to keep unnecessary junk out of landfills.


From our SmartAPP to SmartDASHBOARD, our foreclosure clean outs and eviction services allow you to book and track your waste and recyclables with unparalleled ease and transparency.


Your junk needs are unique, so your foreclosure clean outs should be, too. We offer customizable plans and reports to fit all your foreclosure clean outs and eviction service needs.


Receive reports on your removed junk, with full chain of custody details and weights by item category. After every haul, you get a detailed catalog of your junk for your records.


Have questions about foreclosure clean outs? We can help. Here are some common FAQs and answers to help you get rid of unwanted junk from foreclosure clean outs.

Typically, the owner of the property is responsible for cleaning out a foreclosed property. The same goes for apartments or homes where the tenants have been evicted. The responsible party will either be the municipality, bank, business, or individual property owner. If you’re in over your head with foreclosure clean outs, you should consider hiring a professional junk removal company like CheckSammy. We provide hassle-free and eco-friendly, tech-driven solutions that enable us to organize, catalog, and haul off all the items left behind in any foreclosed property.

If you’re a landlord or property owner handling a foreclosure or eviction clean out, there’s a process you must follow. First, you need to dispose of anything that is obviously trash. Second, you have to organize and inventory all of the items left inside the home. This will protect you against anyone reporting stolen items. You should take pictures to catalog everything. Next, you have to store the items for a certain amount of time, dependent on your area. Then, you must send a notice to the previous tenant, informing them of their right to claim any item they left behind. Once the time lapses, you can sell or dispose of any property that is left over.

CheckSammy provides sustainable eviction and foreclosure clean outs at competitive prices, following local and state guidelines, so you don’t have to worry about it. We catalog, organize, hold, and dispose of all items left behind in a foreclosed or evicted property and always leave our client’s property broom clean.

This won’t be a problem if you work with CheckSammy. We organize and meticulously catalog all of the items left behind at a property, leaving no doubt about what was there and what wasn’t. With our detailed and customizable reports, you will have all the proof you need to dispute any claims.


Reducing landfill waste across North America and beyond.

60M pounds

diverted from landfills annually

100s of partnerships

with recyclers and resellers across the US & worldwide

300 pounds

of used goods generated from each SmartBIN


Take a positive step toward reducing landfill waste. Contact us to discuss how we can help you level up your sustainability initiatives with our commercial junk removal, recycling and analytics solutions today.

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