We are the next generation solution when seeking measurable sustainability best practices.

CheckSammy combines environmental services, altruism and technology to combat the reduction of landfills by collecting and re-directing used consumer goods through SmartBINS strategically located in residential/commercial properties and cities throughout North America.

We are the solution when addressing the reduction of what goes into our landfills while providing impactful data to our clients through showcasing sustainability metrics.

CheckSammy Addresses the Real Problem of Excess Consumer Goods and Growing Landfills

There are over 140 million homes in North America and more storage facilities than coffee houses and fast food chains combined. With the average home storing over $3,300 worth of unused goods and the average storage locker >$1,000 in items, people want a convenient and socially acceptable platform to help others and the environment.

With the development of a high-functioning app, our users can post items for a free gifting service, order a bin or bag for delivery, and schedule pick up…all for a low cost and big value. Scroll down to learn more!


Needed by Property Managers… Loved by Residents

CheckSammy understands the problems you’re facing as a Property Manager in your garbage/recycle rooms. We offer a simple “one-stop-shop” solution that doesn’t break your budget yet takes care of the related headaches by providing an easy and convenient way for Property Managers and residents to divert usable items from waste bins and our landfills.

The CheckSammy Reuse program is different: SmartBINS we place in buildings are bright, easily accessible and safe. Sensors provide live fill levels so we know exactly when to pick up the contents – all with little work from building managers!

The key to having a successful reuse program in your building(s) is resident education. We offer instructions on our SmartBINS, posters for the collection area/elevators/bulletin boards and we can also provide flyers for each door. Residents are much more inclined to use a program that’s easy and convenient and that they KNOW ABOUT.


Do you have cross-contamination problems and have to sort through the bins and remove items that should not be in the trash?


Do you struggle with waste bins overflowing with non-trash items that could otherwise be placed in a Reuse Repurpose Bin?


Do you wish there was a low-cost solution to eliminate these problems and give access to others who could Reuse the items?


Doing Your Part to Reduce Global Waste

Many companies/businesses are energetically implementing sustainability programs in efforts to reduce waste in our growing landfills in North America. While these programs are highly successful, commercial business has quickly realized one thing: current programs and available recycling options are not enough.

CheckSammy Commercial tackles the growing problem of used consumer goods generated by commercial properties by collecting and re-directing to new homes through their portfolio of non-profit and for-profit entities.

For the first time, commercial buildings now have the ability to place used/new office supplies typically found in commercial buildings into our bins- employees can also bring their reusable goods and deposit in our bin as well.Together we can make a significant impact on slowing the amount of reusable goods thrown into our landfills.


Does your company want to improve its waste reduction program with a simple cost-effective solution?


Do you want to increase consumer and employee loyalty through environmental protection efforts?


Would having access to real-time data increase and strengthen your company’s sustainability program?


Reducing City Waste Exponentially.

According to the EPA, textile waste to landfills in North America has increased over 800% since the 1960’s and there is no slow down in sight. That’s over 13 million tons of textiles each year – about 85% of an average person’s closet.

CheckSammy created CS Cities to assist major metros and municipalities with the overflow of textiles, shoes & accessories to landfills. Our target clients, range from 100,000 to >1 million homes.  With the CS Cities program, you can expect a fourfold operative approach.   

The approach includes: educating homeowners; strategically placed distribution centers and fleet of drivers; proprietary software to capture/compile detailed reporting in real-time; and, a collaborative approach with city officials to find new and more efficient solutions to decrease our carbon footprint.

CheckSammy is the single best solution for cities when dealing with the reduction of textiles and household goods to landfill. We are the next generation solution for measurable sustainability best practices.

Is your City, County or Municipality working diligently towards a Zero Waste Goal or increasing its Sustainability efforts and programs?


Does your city council struggle with how to address curbside dumping and the associated expenses of this recurring problem?

Are your current programs not large enough to deal with excess consumer goods being placed in the trash, that ultimately could be reused?