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CheckSammy offers bulk junk removal, waste management, and bespoke sustainability and recycling services for the eco-conscious, tech-forward era, focused on your bottom line. Our technology gives detailed insight into your waste management and sustainability initiatives. We don’t just manage your waste – we manage it responsibly by collecting, sorting, and re-directing as much waste away from landfills as possible. See below for just some of the solutions we've helped our clients achieve.


Data-backed Solutions Specific To Your Needs

When you're both eco- and cost-conscious, partnering with CheckSammy is a win-win.

Waste Removal

No matter where you are in North America, we can respond to any waste emergency quickly - usually same day!  Just call us and we'll solve any illegal dumping, overflowing containers, excess materials, blocked loading bays and more!

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Commercial Power Washing

Clean premises and facilities are critical for employee and public safety, and drive increased sales in retail environments.

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Reverse Logistics

Think of us as your on-ramp to the circular economy.  We offer milk runs, LTL, FTL and more to maximize the value generated by your excess and waste materials.

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Beauty Product Recycling

We can debrand and recycle all types of beauty products, from the packaging to the bottles to the materials inside.

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Textile Recycling

Regulatory changes have made it harder to legally dispose of textiles in landfill, but CheckSammy has a rich tapestry of solutions for your textiles!

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Organics Recycling

Food waste is at an all-time high, but CheckSammy has a buffet of sustainable solutions on tap for you.

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Candle Recycling

Do you have excess candles? We'll break down the candles into their component parts and ensure recycling of every part of the candle!

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Cleaning Supply Recycling

Cleaning supplies can be tricky to dispose of properly and legally - but not when you work with CheckSammy!

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E Waste Recycling

We can dispose of or recycle all variety of e-waste, securely and economically.

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Mail-in Recycling Program

Mail-in hard-to-recycle items, and we'll take care of the rest.

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Take Back Program

Are you a retailer looking to drive past purchasers back into your store, while spurring sustainability metrics?  Check our our Take Back Program!

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CheckSammy Drop

Drop makes it easy for us to collect excess materials, such as textiles, e-waste, plastic and more from your warehouse, retail outlets or any other location where materials accumulate.

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CheckSammy Fleetshine

Your trucks and delivery vehicles are mobile brand billboards, and keeping them sparkling clean improves brand favorability and reputation.

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Sustainability & ESG

We make it simple for you to improve your Sustainability efforts, while still focusing on your bottom line, helping you to be both fiscally and environmentally responsible.

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What Makes Us Different

CheckSammy brings long-overdue change to an outdated waste and recycling industry.


Our smart tech allows you to track your waste and sustainability streams with unmatched transparency.


More affordable than our national competitors, we help you budget appropriately to eliminate wasted dollars and efforts.


Understand how much and what kind of waste you generate to improve your waste and sustainability programs.


Our solutions are custom-tailored for your unique needs and grounded in common sense to boost your bottom line.

24/7/365 SERVICE

Our junk removal, sustainability and power washing services are available every hour, day, and week of the year.


No matter where you are, we’re there for you. Serving all of North America with consistent, nationwide pricing.

Sustainable Impact In Your Own Backyard

Reduce landfill waste and divert material to sustainable outcomes.



Pounds of material diverted from landfills annually



Reverse logistics & recycling facilities



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