CheckSammy Technology

CheckSammy provides an easy and convenient way for occupants to reduce usable items from entering landfills.

CheckSammy is the first company to capture a significant supply of used consumer goods from multi-family and commercial properties through our Sustainability Bins (clothing, shoes, accessories, electronics, toys, sports equipment etc.) and incorporation of innovative logistics solutions that reduces waste. 

We not only collect and re-direct used consumer goods to institutional organizations, CheckSammy also captures detailed data on sustainability efforts for each property or city.  The end result is significant reduction in a buildings fees paid for waste/recycling, detailed data reporting showcasing improved environmental performance and a reduction in local landfills. 

A fantastic feel good story as we are first to market.  

In the future, CheckSammy will certify properties who have exceptional sustainability efforts through CheckSammy Certification TM.  

Smart Sustainability BINS for real-time fill frequency, levels and location

Our wireless ultrasonic fill-level sensors securely monitors our Sustainability BIN fill-level and sends real-time data to our cloud-based monitoring and data analytics platform.

Detailed analytics include:

  • Total reuse summary per day, week, and month
  • Hourly reuse generation
  • Average daily reuse generation
  • Overflow frequency
  • Collection history


Operational efficiency is key with a network of Sustainability BINS and a fleets of trucks in multiple cities across North America.

CheckSammy DASHBOARD provides:

  • Fill level indicators
  • Collection notification
  • Dynamic route optimization / driver
  • Sensor servicing notification

Real Time Monitoring of the CS Fleet

Our vehicle fleet management system allows us to monitor in real time driver routes and driver behavior. This allows calibration to optimize route efficiency in servicing the CheckSammy Sustainability BINS.

Additional features include:

  • Real time location and movement monitoring
  • Lockdown feature – theft prevention
  • Daily/weekly/monthly reports

CS LocA – A CheckSammy Proprietary App

CS LocA is our proprietary app guiding our fleet of drivers as they service the Sustainability BINS and collect data. In addition to routes and building details such as address, and contact information CS LocA is used to record:

  • Bin levels of Textiles
  • Hard Goods
  • E-Waste
  • Non-Resuables
  • Photos of bin contents

With this time stamped data, CS LocA is an effective tool for capturing sustainability and audit ready data. This proprietary APP can also be used to capture data for third party waste and recycle haulers.

Property Data Packages

Properties showcasing their sustainability efforts by installing CheckSammy Sustainability BINS, can now subscribe to detailed data reporting offered exclusively through CS Reuse.

We offer data, derived from your properties outlining: volumes/velocities, waste, recyclables, contaminants, inventory and extraction reports on large single item pick ups, all time/stamped with on site photos by our drivers.

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