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Next Gen Sustainability Technology for you & your bottom line

CheckSammy has a fresh take on an ancient problem. We've reframed the approach to junk removal, bulk waste, recycling and sustainability. Our approach is stream- and destination-agnostic, focused on providing analytics that tell a story of your impact. Our reporting helps you to reduce costs and optimize your ESG scores, focusing on the planet and your bottom line. Through our network of more than 5,000 haulers and 25,000+ reverse logistics and recycling facilities, we have end-to-end visibility into your bespoke solution, giving us - and you - unmatched transparency and granularity.

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It takes disruptive tech to keep our 5,000+ haulers and 25,000+ reverse logistics & recycling facilities running efficiently

It takes disruptive tech to keep our 5,000+ haulers and 25,000+ reverse logistics & recycling facilities running efficiently

on-demand service

Our clients get service in hours, not days. And since we don't charge monthly minimums, we're affordable when you need us, free when you don't.

applied analytics

Whatever your stream, wherever your destination is, with CheckSammy you'll get deep analytics to fuel your ESG scores

Track & trace

Access the complete chain of custody of your waste and track where your items go in near real-time.

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artificial intelligence

Take advantage of advances in A.I. to improve accuracy and efficiency to deliver more accurate reporting.

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Secure, auditable transaction chain of custody utilizing blockchain tech.

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Sustainabilty & ESG SaaS

Sustainability as a Service

Veridiant consolidates your waste stream details, diversion metrics and all other ESG into a unified platform, able to be integrated with your internal and third-party platforms.

CheckSammy diverts excess materials away from the landfill and Veridiant gives you auditable, verifiable data to improve your ESG and Diversion scores. Together, there is no better solution to strategically manage, analyze and optimize your ESG and diversion metrics.
  • Auditable, verifiable data

  • API integration into 3rd-party platforms

  • Supercharge your ESG Reporting

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    All your data, all in one place

    Manage your streams, destinations and more with analytics and reporting

    CheckSammy ALL unites all our tech into a consolidated platform that can be integrated with your internal systems and can provide 360-degree, real-time insight into your waste streams and sustainability initiatives, plus fleet and facility management. With CheckSammy ALL, you can relax knowing that all your data is in accessible in one place and is integratable with all major 3rd-party platforms.
  • API Integrations available

  • Real-time applied analytics

  • Customizable to your specific use cases

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    Quantifying your impact

    Data & Reporting

    We not only help you make a positive impact to the planet and to your bottom line, we provide detailed reporting to quantify the positive impact you make. Our reporting can integrate to your very specific needs, and we provide Certificates of Diversion and Destruction as well as documented, auditable visual evidence for your compliance needs.
  • Full-stack ESG Reporting

  • Detailed sustainability reporting for all materials (textiles, eWaste, organics and more)

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    Divert Materials Sustainably

    Sustainability Made Easy With CheckSammy Drop

    As part of our Drop program, we can use your containers or deploy our Sustainability Bins to collect material at your location. We'll pick up whenever they get full, or on a recurring schedule. Our goal is to divert waste material away from expensive landfills and towards more sustainable, cost-effective outcomes.
  • Easy to deploy, cost-efficient to collect

  • Sustainability Made Easy With CheckSammy Drop

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    We’re on a mission to reduce landfill waste across the globe. Will you join us?

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    Our Tech Answers Your Questions

    CheckSammy's Applied Analytics Provides Deep Insights Into Questions Like These:

    How much waste do you generate?

    Volume and categories of your waste at your fingertips

    Where does your waste actually ends up?

    Auditable chain of custody to landfill, recycling, upcycling and all reverse & circular logistics facilities

    how much of your waste we donate or recycle?

    Quantify your impact and share with employees, shareholders and consumers

    how can we divert waste from landfills?

    Quantifying sustainability is the most important step to improving your ESG scores

    How are your sustainability efforts improving year over year?

    Shine a light on the rate of change of the positive impacts of your efforts

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