At CheckSammy, we’re changing what it means to be a junk removal, recycling, and waste management solutions provider with our innovative sustainability technology. With our proprietary apps, techniques, and detailed reporting, our customers get access to unparalleled efficiency and transparency. Our user-friendly reports and easy-to-use tech provide our drivers, service providers, and customers with next-gen efficiency and granularity.

SmartBINS, SmartAPP, and SmartDASHBOARD – that’s what keeps CheckSammy on the cutting-edge of innovative sustainability technology. Our customers get on-demand service in hours instead of days. Plus, our detailed reports enable our customers to track where their junk goes. Whether we recycle, donate, compost, or dispose – you get a detailed chain of custody report, including photos and item weights.


It takes state-of-the-art technology to keep our 4,000+ haulers and hundreds of service providers and partners running efficiently.


SmartBINS are the foundation of CheckSammy’s recycling technology. Our SmartBINS have sensors that give real-time fill levels, 24/7/365. Once our SmartBINS hit 85% capacity, our drivers are notified for pickup, so you never have to worry about overflowing bins. The bins also provide daily, weekly, and monthly reuse summaries, track overflow frequency, and store collection history.

Our SmartBINS are GPS connected with our SmartAPP and utilize secure cloud-based storage. Plus, they’re web- and app-integrated for accurate, real-time status reports. Our sensors are user-safe and easy to install. Each week, one SmartBIN generates around 200 pounds of consumer goods on average, which we sustainably divert from landfills.


SmartDASHBOARD is our customer-facing sustainability technology interface. We want our customers to have complete 360-degree, real-time insight into their recycling and sustainability initiatives. With SmartDASHBOARD, CheckSammy customers can manage their accounts and generate reports anytime.

Powered by Microsoft Power BI and run on the cloud, our reporting platform gives customers detailed data on how much waste they generate, how much is diverted from landfills, which items were donated for re-use, and much more.


Our SmartAPP keeps our haulers connected. Using our proprietary app, our specialists get notifications about pickups and drop-offs in real-time. They also use the app to collect, record, and share key information about every job.

Within the app, haulers can view, upload, and categorize location details, job photographs, and key metrics like item weight, junk type, and more. We then take this information and create detailed sustainability data reports for our customers on everything from organics to recycling, junk, waste, and reusable goods.


Many junk removal and recycling companies move slowly. At CheckSammy, our SmartFLEET sustainability technology enables us to move fast. Our comprehensive tracking and routing optimizations enable our 4,000+ drivers to get to customers quickly – we’re talking same-day service anywhere in North America.

CheckSammy drivers also receive notifications when SmartBINS in their area are reaching capacity, enabling them to perform timely collections so our customers never experience overflow. All our drivers are connected to our SmartFLEET dashboard and ready to spring into action.


Take a positive step toward reducing landfill waste. Contact us to discuss how we can help you level up your sustainability initiatives with our commercial junk removal, recycling, and analytics solutions today.

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