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If you’re ready to tackle your waste problem head-on, we can help. We offer a comprehensive waste assessment to help companies address and evaluate their sustainability initiatives. We're confident we can help you redirect value-holding materials such as cardboard, plastic, metals, textiles (and more!) away from the landfill, which will reduce your overall waste costs. We'll also help you identify ways to monetize the materials you divert.

At CheckSammy, we're changing the sustainability equation!

waste assessment

We sort through hundreds of pounds of waste and separate, document, and report our findings in a thorough report, broken down based on your customized specifications.

Sustainability Consultation

We'll setup a meeting to review the materials you're accumulating or producing, and identify opportunities to monetize that material rather than pay to dispose.

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We Keep It Simple With Our Three-Step Process.

  • We Come To You

    We come out to your site or go to the landfill where you send your waste.

  • We Sort, Separate, & Document

    We pick through, separate, and sort all your waste into different categories, including paper, aluminum, and biohazards.

  • Complete Audit With Detailed Reporting

    We send you a detailed waste assessment containing our findings and include recommendations to improve your sustainability and environmental impact.

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We’re On A Mission To Reduce Landfill Waste. Will You Join Us?

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The Next Generation Of Sustainability Technology Is Here

Textiles, e-waste & More

CheckSammy's Drop program is suitable for companies that generate a lot of recyclable materials as part of their normal course of work. Whether you use one of our containers, or store them onsite using yours, when they get full we'll pick them up and take them to a sustainable destination, diverting material from landfill and benefiting your bottom line.


Detailed ESG Reporting & Analytics

We not only help you make a positive impact to the planet and to your bottom line, we provide detailed reporting to quantify the positive impact you make. Our reporting can integrate to your very specific needs, and we provide Certificates of Diversion and Destruction as well as documented, auditable visual evidence for your compliance needs.

Immediate Impacts for Your ESG Score

If you're looking to accelerate your path to zero carbon, the CheckSammy Carbon Offset Marketplace gives your a trusted source to immediately improve your carbon metrics, while supporting worthwhile projects.


Moving Materials With Purpose

We know that materials have to be moved from their source, and that there's a carbon cost involved in doing so. That's why we developed a network of more than 25,000 facilities across the continent - to minimize the miles traveled from source to destination. We don't believe in shipping materials overseas when so many solutions exist domestically.

our technology

What Makes Us Different

CheckSammy brings long-overdue change to an outdated waste and recycling industry.


Our smart app, bins, fleet, and dashboard allow you to track your waste while delivering unparalleled transparency and efficiency.


Our services are more affordable than most other national solutions, and help you budget appropriately to reduce excess dollars spent.


Understand how much and what kind of waste you generate to inform your budget, behavior, and sustainability programs.


We offer tailored solutions that meet your needs – if there’s something you don’t see, just ask and we can likely accommodate you!

24/7/365 SERVICE

Our junk removal, recycling and sustainability programs are available every hour, day, and week of the year.


No matter where you are, we’re here for you, serving all areas of North America.

Sustainable Impact Across The Globe

Reducing landfill waste across North America and beyond.



Diverted from landfills annually



Across the US & worldwide



Of used goods generated from each SmartBIN

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