Veridiant: Finally, Sustainability as a Service

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The Best Sustainability Platform to Optimize Your ESG Metrics, Period.

Verified metrics to boost your ESG Score

Veridiant is the industry-leading Sustainability Platform that turbocharges your ESG metrics. CheckSammy diverts excess materials away from the landfill and Veridiant gives you auditable, verifiable data to improve your Diversion KPIs.

Together, there is no better solution to strategically manage, analyze and optimize your ESG and diversion metrics.

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Next Gen Diversion Tracking & Analytics Platform

Are you only seeing half your ESG picture? With Veridiant, you get the full picture. Veridiant is our next-gen software platform to help you track, analyze and optimize your material diversion from the source to the destination. When coupled with CheckSammy Sustainability Services, that’s truly Sustainability as a Service.

Open your aperture to see true end-to-end diversion metrics that integrates with every node on your ESG tech stack. When coupled with CheckSammy’s Sustainability services, you have the most powerful and comprehensive sustainability solution available.

Sustainability as a Service

  • Verified, auditable data

  • Consolidated job tracking

  • Scope 3 reporting

  • Data visualization & analytics

  • Carbon Insets & Offsets

  • Decarbonization Planning Tools

  • Materials Marketplace

  • Certificates of Diversion

  • Integrates with your ESG Tech Stack

CheckSammy Services Powered by Veridiant Data

Maximize your material diversion and gain detailed, verifiable data to fuel your ESG efforts

  • Sustainability Services

    We can be anywhere in North America, same day, to pickup your material

  • The CheckSammy Network

    We take your materials to the closest node within the 26,000+ strong CheckSammy Network

  • Detailed Data & Analytics

    We provide auditable, verifiable data to power your ESG and Diversion Metrics


It's All About the Data

We've diverted millions of tonnes from landfill, and one thing we've learned is that effective data capture at the point of pickup enables proper ESG reporting. Without capturing granular data at the source, you're unable to leverage that data to optimize your ESG scores and diversion Data. As we like to say, Garbage In is Garbage Out. CheckSammy captures granular data at pickup, and that auditable, verified data is yours within Veridiant.

Your data means everything - it allows you to calculate your true carbon insets, enabling you to reduce the amount of carbon offsets you're buying, or reflecting those incremental diversion benefits within your own ESG reporting. Data is king, and Veridiant is the crown.

Veridiant and CheckSammy combine to provide you practical and economical diversion services, complete chain-of-custody metrics, and the platform to track, optimize and report on your diversion metrics and ESG Scores. There is no better solution to maximize your diversion efforts and quantify your success.