CheckSammy Drop - A Solution for Modern Materials Recycling & Upcycling

With Drop, we've responded to some of the most common requests we receive from our clients. They've asked for a simple, repetable solution that takes materials they accumulate away from the landfill, towards hyperlocal and sustainable outcomes. Whether you accumulate textiles, e-waste, organics, metals, plastic or cardboard, Drop is custom-tailored to your situation to provide the smoothest path to sustainable outcomes around.

A Data-backed Program for Modern Challenges

Whether you use one of our containers or we use yours, think of Drop as a reliable and sustainable tool in your sustainability arsenal. We'll support you at every step along the way and provide detailed reporting and analytics to fuel you ESG efforts.

CheckSammy & FallHarvest - This September, we’ll donate one meal for every job completed and 5 meals for every new client.