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Blockchain: The Latest In ESG Technology

Our applied analytics provide deep insight into your impact and identify opportunities for optimization. Blockchain is an effective method of tracking the chain of custody of any material. We can work with your blockchain-enabled logistics infrastructure to ensure the accuracy and audibility of all your materials.

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Taking Security & Transparency To Another Level

Our goal is to incorporate blockchain technology into our ESG reporting technology suite. With our blockchain contracts, we can independently digitally facilitate and verify contracts without the need of a third party. This allows us to decrease costs and boost efficiency without sacrificing security.

With blockchain, everything is automatic and hands-off. From setting up smart contracts to helping our municipality customers verify and audit their customers – our blockchain-based ESG reporting technology is disrupting the antiquated waste industry and injecting it with transparency, efficiency, and ease.


Checksammy Blockchain Features

Blockchain-based ESG reporting technology allows customers to move with increased ease and transparency.

  • Independent verification – no third party required

  • Digitized contracts powered by blockchain automation

  • All blocks are timestamped for ultimate transparency

  • Lower costs

  • Increased efficiency

  • Making A Sustainable Impact Across The Globe

    Reducing landfill waste across North America and beyond.



    Of material diverted from landfills annually



    Reverse logistics & recycling facilities



    Of material captured with each Sustainability Bin