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At CheckSammy, we’re elevating what’s possible for retail recycling, junk removal, and sustainability programs. Whether you’re doing a seasonal remodel, a nationwide roll-out, or closing a store, our custom sustainability solutions for shopping malls and retail stores will meet all your ESG and recycling needs. We’re revolutionizing junk removal and retail recycling with our affordable sustainability solutions for the modern era.

Offering the lowest pricing on the market, we provide complete waste, junk removal, and retail recycling for shopping malls and retailers. Whether you have excess product to recycle or significant junk items to dispose of, we’re here to help. We offer completely customized services for all our retail clients to meet your sustainability goals.

Thanks to our SmartDASHBOARD and SmartAPP, you have full visibility into your retail recycling and junk removal with custom reports for your accounting, corporate reporting, and environmental compliance needs. We custom tailor our plans to help automate all your retail recycling, junk removal, and sustainability initiatives. Whether you need a one-time pick-up or regular haul-offs, we can help.


Our simple process and best-in-class pricing paired with our easy-to-use tech and commitment to sustainability make us an indispensable sustainability partner for shopping malls and retail stores everywhere.


Once you book retail recycling or junk removal services with CheckSammy, your work is complete. We pick up, haul off, sweep up, sort, and divert your waste.


Our prices are 30-40% below other national competitors. We offer best-in-class pricing with no hidden fees – ever.


We’ve partnered with resale shops, recycling centers, composting stations, and more to keep unnecessary waste out of landfills.


From our SmartBINS to SmartDASHBOARD, our retail recycling services allow you to book and track your waste with unparalleled ease and transparency.


Your needs are unique, so your sustainability and retail recycling services provider should be, too. We offer customizable plans and reports to fit all your ESG and sustainability needs.


Receive reports on your waste, with full chain of custody details and weights by item category. Get granular with custom reports leveraging our smart tech.

What Is an ESG Score

And How Does it Affect Your Business?

Your ESG risk score is a third-party rating of your company’s performance on environmental, social, and governance issues. Agencies collect a large quantity of data – both public and private – to evaluate how your business is addressing these matters.

CheckSammy can help you improve your ESG score with our comprehensive data reports on your sustainability and waste management efforts. With CheckSammy, you not only protect the environment, you protect your business.

Investors and other stakeholders are increasingly looking at ESG scores when evaluating your business and comparing it to others regarding ESG risk. Companies with a lower ESG score are considered lower risk and better positioned to anticipate future risks and opportunities, so it’s important to be vigilant in your ESG efforts.



See how we’re making waste management easier and reducing landfill waste while supporting our shopping mall and retail clients’ sustainability efforts. Our smart tech and deep data give retail stores the power, tools, and insight they need to dispose of their junk responsibly. With our sustainability and retail recycling services, reducing shopping mall and retail waste is easy. Partner with CheckSammy, and we’ll take care of the rest.


Take a positive step toward reducing landfill waste. Contact us to discuss how we can help you level up your sustainability initiatives with our commercial junk removal, recycling, and analytics solutions today.

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