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CheckSammy for Municipalities

CheckSammy partners with cities and local governments to provide sustainable bulk junk and recycling solutions to your communities. We can power your textile and e-waste programs, engaging your community to sustainably divert such materials away from the landfill towards more sustainable outcomes. And we document every step along the way, allowing you to quality the impact you're making. We’re more than simply a junk removal partner, though. We’re a sustainability technology solution that helps cities across North America manage waste, organics, recycling, and reusable goods.


Our simple process and best-in-class pricing paired with our easy-to-use tech and commitment to sustainability make us an indispensable sustainability partner for cities and municipalities everywhere.


Once you book sustainable recycling solutions or junk removal with CheckSammy, your work is complete. We pick up, haul off, sweep up, sort, and divert your waste.


Our prices are 30-40% below other national competitors. We offer best-in-class pricing with no hidden fees – ever.


We’ve partnered with resale shops, recycling centers, composting stations, and more to keep unnecessary waste out of landfills.

Data & Analytics

Understand how much and what kind of waste you generate to improve your waste and sustainability programs.


Our solutions are custom-tailored for your unique needs and grounded in common sense to boost your bottom line.


No matter where you are, we’re there for you. Serving all of North America with consistent, nationwide pricing.

Whether you want to offer your community a one-time pick-up drive or ongoing sustainability solutions CheckSammy can help. Our solutions are cost-effective and backed by quantifiable reporting to help you ensure you’re on target for your sustainability goals. Every municipality has its own needs, so we don’t put your sustainable recycling solutions in a box. Our ultimate goal is to reduce landfill waste. Every time we take junk from your community, we’ll send you a detailed report of where we diverted it. With complete track and trace details and breakdowns by weight, you always know exactly what’s happening with your sustainability efforts.


Our Services are Your Solutions

In addition to our on-site SmartBINS, CheckSammy is proud to offer unique recovery, reuse, and removal solutions for pre/post consumer goods, recyclables, and bulk waste to our city and municipality clients.

Waste Removal

No matter where you are in North America, we can respond to any waste emergency quickly - usually same day!  Just call us and we'll solve any illegal dumping, overflowing containers, excess materials, blocked loading bays and more!

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Waste Assessments

Our comprehensive waste assessments help companies address and evaluate their sustainability initiatives for data-driven insights.

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Commercial Power Washing

Clean premises and facilities are critical for employee and public safety, and drive increased sales in retail environments.

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Reverse Logistics

Think of us as your on-ramp to the circular economy.  We offer milk runs, LTL, FTL and more to maximize the value generated by your excess and waste materials.

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Sustainability & ESG

We make it simple for you to improve your Sustainability efforts, while still focusing on your bottom line, helping you to be both fiscally and environmentally responsible.

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Carbon Offset Marketplace

If you want to make an immediate impact on your ESG Scores, look no further than CheckSammy's Carbon Offset Marketplace.  We've curated a range of projects with global impact to work with.

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See how we’re helping cities across North America reduce landfill waste. There’s never been a convenient solution to get rid of junk and reusable goods until now. Our sustainable recycling solutions, like SmartBINS and reuse bags, give cities and governments the ability to offer simple reuse and recycling programs to their communities. Plus, our deep data, tools, and insights give you the information you need to ensure you’re hitting your sustainability goals. CheckSammy’s range of sustainable recycling solutions makes community-wide waste reduction initiatives simple.


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Where does your waste actually end up?

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How much waste do you generate?

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How are your sustainability efforts improving year over year?

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