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Saying Yes To Sustainable Textile Solutions

Fashion trends may come and go, but what happens to the unsold or damaged items? For one online fashion retailer, it meant facing a daunting challenge: 110 pallets filled with unsellable unique event gowns. Yet, amidst this fashion nightmare, a unique opportunity emerged that not only tied up loose ends but also championed sustainability. Traditional […]

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Turning Expired Sanitizer Into Fuel for the Future

  In the retail industry, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a commitment to innovative solutions that benefit both the company and the planet. Enter CheckSammy, the leader in eco-friendly waste management, whose recent partnership with a major nationwide retail chain has set a new standard for green practices. With hand sanitizer usage declining, the […]

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Dorm Diversion: Recycling Mattress Toppers

Amidst the excitement of college year-end rituals lies a hidden environmental challenge: the disposal of mattress toppers. Each year, thousands of these toppers are discarded, contributing to landfill waste. One forward-thinking college sought a solution. Call CheckSammy to divert these toppers from landfills and give them a new purpose. With innovative strategies and strategic partnerships, […]

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Innovations in Sustainability: A Compendium of CheckSammy’s 2023 Sustainability Case Studies

  Did you know peanut butter could power homes? Or that candle tins can still start a spark as fire kindling? We did! The CheckSammy Sustainability Team strives to always find creative solutions to keep corporate waste out of landfills.  This compendium covers the diversity of needs in modern sustainability – from dormitories managing waste […]

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Bulk Waste Removal Within The Hour

CheckSammy’s swift solution for bulk waste convenience came to the rescue of a chain gas station and convenience store facing a sudden waste emergency. The client confronted challenges such as illegal dumping and site cleanliness issues, jeopardizing its reputation and financial stability. Understanding the importance of maintaining a safe and appealing environment for customers, the […]

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Transforming Acrylic Obstacles Into Eco-Friendly Outcomes

.Transforming 600,000 pounds of Acrylic Dividers into a Sustainability Success .In the midst of the pandemic, retailers and offices across the country tried to find ways to create a welcoming environment while still providing protection for workers. For many, part of the solution was the acrylic divider. When safety standards shifted, a leading financial news […]

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Case Study: Organics Milk Run

The challenge? To find a cost-efficient and sustainable method for handling organic waste while minimizing miles traveled. We evaluated multiple innovative approaches, including composting and anaerobic digestion. Read about how we solved this challenge and the impact made by downloading the Case Study here: Organics Milk Run

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Case Study: The PPE Project

During the pandemic, municipalities and companies stocked up on PPE kits containing sanitizer wipes, masks, gloves, and other COVID-combatting materials CheckSammy engaged with the client and gathered all the necessary intel, such as the pick-up address, photos, safety data sheets (SDS), weights, and the expected timeline. CheckSammy was able to divert more than 10,000 pounds […]

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Case Study: The Zero Waste to Landfill Project

In 2022, CheckSammy worked with one client, a manufacturer of precision medical instruments, who had set the goal of Zero Waste to Landfill by 2025. CheckSammy successfully consolidated five waste streams into a single waste management solution, achieving the client’s Zero Waste to Landfill goal within just four months, significantly ahead of schedule. Read about […]

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Case Study: The Denim Project

The Denim project gives new life to excess textiles, specifically 15,000 pounds of rejected denim, which would otherwise end up in landfills. Textile recycling is a global problem with many local impacts. Manufacturers, retailers, and end consumers are beginning to recognize the need for more sustainable practices when it comes to textiles, but even so, […]

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