Transforming Acrylic Obstacles Into Eco-Friendly Outcomes

.Transforming 600,000 pounds of Acrylic Dividers into a Sustainability Success

.In the midst of the pandemic, retailers and offices across the country tried to find ways to create a welcoming environment while still providing protection for workers. For many, part of the solution was the acrylic divider. When safety standards shifted, a leading financial news had over 600,000 pounds of dividers piling up in their offices! That’s too much division. It was also a significant amount of plastic that would be landfill-bound if they couldn’t find a company that could collect and transport the dividers to the proper recycling facility and provide an environmental metric report. Luckily, we at CheckSammy had a plan to move past obstacles.


The Challenge: Exploring the Sustainable Side of the Plastic Divide

The client was not just concerned about the alarming space these dividers were occupying. They wanted a team that could ensure responsible removal and repurposing of these substantial materials. We began devising an innovative strategy for the sustainable and conscientious disposal of the dividers. This was achieved by gathering and redirecting 566 pallets from multiple office locations. We then tapped into CheckSammy’s nationwide network of partner recycling centers to ensure all those dividers were recycled properly. Crucially, keeping 100% of the dividers out of landfills!


The Result: A Clear Picture of Sustainability and Strategy

CheckSammy’s understanding of the complexities of the task allowed us to combine recycling practices with a commitment to eco-conscious methods. Because the client decided to recycle, 806.30 tons of CO2 emissions were saved even considering the transportation emissions involved in executing the project itself! We not only ensured success in disposal but also strengthened our client’s sustainability objectives. This highlighted their dedication to genuine eco-friendly practices and transforming a potential public relations crisis into a demonstration of their commitment to sustainability.


The Reflection: The Simplicity of Sustainable Solutions

This is more than just a story about recycling. It’s evidence that companies, with the correct mindset, can turn waste into opportunity. Creating a narrative centered around responsibility while aligning with business goals and valuing our planet’s resources. CheckSammy helped transform obstacles into opportunities, making it easier to navigate this path toward a conscious future.


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