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Smarter Insights Combining Sustainability and AI

Our applied analytics provide deep insight into your impact and identify opportunities for optimization. We leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence to identify material composition, volume and more. We also use it to identify the facility most suited to sustainable outcomes for your materials.

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Smarter Insights Combining Sustainability and AI

We’re increasing accuracy, efficiency, and data insights with artificial intelligence and sustainability. Utilizing machine learning and algorithms, our goal is to reduce job redundancy and human error throughout the CheckSammy organization.

For example, AI image recognition software will help us catalog junk items, eliminating the need for manual cataloging. AI sustainability technology, like smart trash cans, can determine whether or not an item is recyclable. Our AI technology will help us keep pace with the fast-moving world of eco-consciousness and sustainability.


Our smart sustainability and AI solutions allow us to move fast in the ever-changing world of sustainability.

  • Revealing data insights

  • Increased accuracy in data collection

  • Improved efficiency in processes

  • More accurate categorizing and calculating

  • Reduction in job redundancy

  • No manual intervention required

  • Sustainable Impact Across In Your Backyard

    Think globally and act locally



    Pounds of material diverted from landfills annually



    Reverse logistics & recycling facilities


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