Sustainable Reverse Supply Chain Logistics & Recycling

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Seamlessly handle unwanted, overstock, or spoiled goods

We handle reverse logistics efficiently, including the removal of organic materials, transportation of surplus goods, and sustainable end-of-life solutions. Our nationwide network of drivers and facilities ensures timely removal and handling of goods, optimizing operational efficiency in distribution centers, warehouses and beyond.

  • Redirecting spoiled food to anaerobic facilities to generate biofuel

  • Eliminating operational downtime by clearing corrugated cardboard blocking bay doors

  • Breaking down tens of thousands of candles and recycling or upcycling every component

  • Transporting recalled items from multiple retail locations back to the manufacturer

  • Milk runs from multiple grocery stores to a rendering plant


Your One-Stop Solution for Reverse, Lateral, and Forward Logistics Needs

CheckSammy offers more than just reverse logistics. Our waste-agnostic approach is flexible and cost-effective, optimizing value and minimizing costs. We provide customized solutions that support all your logistics needs, including reverse, lateral, and forward logistics.

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How it works

We’ll take items from your facilities to the midpoints & endpoints

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We’re on a mission to reduce landfill waste across the globe. Won’t you join us?

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Custom Solutions

Reverse logistics planning is never one-size-fits-all. That’s where our experience and expertise come in.

Nationwide Coverage

No matter where you are, we’re here for you, serving all areas of North America.effectively, while working with you at every step along the way.

Verifiable Data

We provide verifiable track-and-trace data, certificate of destruction, and bill of lading, so you always know exactly what we picked up and where it went


We’re partnered with anaerobic digestion facilities, recycling centers, resale shops, and more to keep unnecessary waste out of landfills.

Quick turnaround

We’ll pick up and transport your unwanted freight quickly, compliantly, and sustainably, on demand from anywhere in the country.


Our prices are typically 30-40% below our national competitors. We offer best-in-class pricing with no hidden fees – ever.


optimal logistics solutions, catered to you

CheckSammy brings long-overdue change to an outdated waste and recycling industry.


We offer both LTL and FTL runs. We’ll send a truck (or trucks) to the starting facilities in the morning and move our way through each of your facilities until we’ve picked up all your unwanted goods. At the end of the run, we’ll drop the items off at the desired endpoints.


Reverse logistics involves moving goods in reverse, back upstream through the supply chain, as far back as the original manufacturer for the purpose of capturing value, enabling reuse or diverting towards proper disposal. In our free consultation, we’ll identify the most economical logistics solution(s) that meet your needs, with a focus on reducing costs and maximizing value created.


Sometimes moving goods back up the supply chain is not the ideal path, for cost, distance or other reasons. In these cases, we can help move goods laterally for alternate uses, or as an input to other supply chains. When necessary, we can also dispose of items in a fiscally and environmentally responsible manner.


When we have a collection of cooperating nodes in the supply chain, CheckSammy can orchestrate a concerted effort to collect used packaging from retailers and end users, and then sort, store, and return hygienic materials back to the manufacturer or distributor for refill, reuse or recycling.


Receive detailed chain of custody reporting, bill of lading, and/or certificates of destruction showing exactly where all your goods ended up. The data and reports are verifiable and ready to be sent to your insurers, investors, and suppliers.

The Next Generation Of Sustainability Technology Is Here

Textiles, e-waste & More

CheckSammy's Drop program is suitable for companies that generate a lot of recyclable materials as part of their normal course of work. Whether you use one of our containers, or store them onsite using yours, when they get full we'll pick them up and take them to a sustainable destination, diverting material from landfill and benefiting your bottom line.


Detailed ESG Reporting & Analytics

We not only help you make a positive impact to the planet and to your bottom line, we provide detailed reporting to quantify the positive impact you make. Our reporting can integrate to your very specific needs, and we provide Certificates of Diversion and Destruction as well as documented, auditable visual evidence for your compliance needs.

Immediate Impacts for Your ESG Score

If you're looking to accelerate your path to zero carbon, the CheckSammy Carbon Offset Marketplace gives your a trusted source to immediately improve your carbon metrics, while supporting worthwhile projects.


Moving Materials With Purpose

We know that materials have to be moved from their source, and that there's a carbon cost involved in doing so. That's why we developed a network of more than 25,000 facilities across the continent - to minimize the miles traveled from source to destination. We don't believe in shipping materials overseas when so many solutions exist domestically.

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