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Level Up Your Sustainability Efforts: Discover the Benefits of Junk Removal, Waste Reduction, and Recycling

Learn more about junk removal, waste reduction, and recycling to see how you can improve your sustainability efforts. Plus, stay informed about CheckSammy’s latest efforts to keep junk out of our landfills.

The Candle Project: Recycling Candles

The Candle Project You’ve heard the saying, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” right? Well, this story proves that adage to be true. CheckSammy, a recycling company based in Texas, recently recycled thousands of candles for a beauty supply company. The candles were either broken or just returned—and therefore unable to be resold. The […]

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Recycling 55,243 Mannequins for a Happier Planet

Recycling 55,243 Mannequins for a Happier Planet The challenge? Find a way to recycle 55,243 mannequins across the country. The team? CheckSammy and a client that cared about their impact. The goal? To reduce carbon emissions and divert metal and plastic from the landfill. The project? A success! The Mannequin Project The average store-life of […]

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The Peanut Butter Project

The Peanut Butter Project Food waste is a massive problem in America, and we’re not just talking about the billions of dollars of food thrown away yearly. Tons of food rot in landfills daily, consuming valuable space and producing harmful emissions. When companies are forced to recall products, that creates even MORE waste, as they […]

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