Innovations in Sustainability: A Compendium of CheckSammy’s 2023 Sustainability Case Studies


Did you know peanut butter could power homes? Or that candle tins can still start a spark as fire kindling? We did! The CheckSammy Sustainability Team strives to always find creative solutions to keep corporate waste out of landfills. 

This compendium covers the diversity of needs in modern sustainability – from dormitories managing waste during move-out weeks to the nuanced handling of pandemic-related waste. Each case study demonstrates CheckSammy’s adaptability and agility in crafting bespoke, eco-friendly solutions. 

Get the insider data behind the case studies and see how different industries sustainably and efficiently handle waste issues. Spark your imagination of what CheckSammy can do for your waste needs. 



Innovations in Sustainability includes:

    • The Mannequin Project: Tackling Fast Fashion
    • Dorm Diversion: An Initiative Towards Mattress Top Sustainability
    • The Candle Project
    • The Zero-Waste-to-Landfill Project
    • The Denim Project: Upcycling Excess Textiles
    • The Peanut Butter Project
    • And more! 
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