Turning Expired Sanitizer Into Fuel for the Future


In the retail industry, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a commitment to innovative solutions that benefit both the company and the planet. Enter CheckSammy, the leader in eco-friendly waste management, whose recent partnership with a major nationwide retail chain has set a new standard for green practices.

With hand sanitizer usage declining, the retailer faced a monumental challenge: what to do with 327.98 tons of expired disinfectant spread across nine distribution centers. Traditional disposal methods weren’t an option; they needed a sustainable solution—and fast. Enter CheckSammy. Known for their efficient waste management solutions, they proposed their Diversion and Removal Process. This innovative method not only ensures compliant disposal but also prioritizes environmental impact.

Through 25 truckload pickups, CheckSammy swiftly collected the expired sanitizer from all nine centers. But here’s where it gets exciting: instead of ending up in landfills, this waste was transformed into biofuel. This not only reduced greenhouse gas emissions but also powered a sustainably-led poultry farm, furthering the cycle of environmental responsibility.

Download the full case study for a detailed look at how CheckSammy and the retailer turned waste into a sustainable resource. See how innovative thinking and eco-conscious actions can drive real change. Your journey to a greener future starts here.
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