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Practical sustainability services to support your ESG initiatives

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A True Sustainability Partner

We can help you achieve your sustainability goals. Our SmartBINS, track & trace technology, and detailed reporting make us the ideal partner for your company or city's sustainability initiatives.


Our Drop program enables the easy collection of any material, using our containers or yours

Carbon Offset Marketplace

CheckSammy's Carbon Offset Marketplace enables you to improve your ESG scores in the short-term

How it works

What's your biggest Sustainability or Waste Challenge?

What Opportunity would create the most value for your brand?

Let's solve problems and enable Opportunities, together.

  • Sustainability Check-In

    Let's have a CheckSammy Check-in, where we learn about your problems, your challenges and your opportunities. Whether you know what your best growth opportunity is or if you need us to help find it - we can help.

  • The CheckSammy Action Plan

    We'll look for opportunities to reduce costs, while redirecting value-holding materials away from expensive landfills, and towards areas of growth. We'll balance bottom-line concerns with increasing your ESG performance and making positive planetary impact. We provide options, and you order from our menu of services.

  • we handle your waste sustainably

    From furniture to textiles to e-waste and more, we can execute on the plan we collaborated on in the previous step. We’ll pick up your junk, sort, and document every item, and determine whether to donate, recycle, or dispose sustainably.

  • Reporting

    You’ll get detailed analytics for every project, designed to be integrated into industry-standard platforms, APIs for use by investors, government and ESG regulatory agencies, as well as with press, PR and brand teams. When you do good corporately, you should promote that good to your employee, consumer and competitor audiences - we’ll help you do that right.

let's identify your opportunities

We’re on a mission to reduce landfill waste in our own backyards. Will you join us?

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What is an ESG score?

and how does it affect your business

Your ESG risk score is a third-party rating of your company’s performance on environmental, social, and governance issues. Agencies collect a large quantity of data – both public and private – to evaluate how your business is addressing these matters.

CheckSammy can help you improve your ESG score with our comprehensive data reports on your sustainability and waste management efforts. With CheckSammy, you not only protect the environment, you protect your business.

Investors and other stakeholders are increasingly looking at ESG scores when evaluating your business and comparing it to others regarding ESG risk. Companies with a lower ESG score are considered lower risk and better positioned to anticipate future risks and opportunities, so it’s important to be vigilant in your ESG efforts.

The Next Generation Of Sustainability Technology Is Here

Sustainability as a Service

Veridiant consolidates your waste stream details, diversion metrics and all other ESG into a unified platform, able to be integrated with your internal and third-party platforms. CheckSammy diverts excess materials away from the landfill and Veridiant gives you auditable, verifiable data to improve your ESG and Diversion scores. Together, there is no better solution to strategically manage, analyze and optimize your ESG and diversion metrics.


Detailed ESG Reporting & Analytics

We not only help you make a positive impact to the planet and to your bottom line, we provide detailed reporting to quantify the positive impact you make. Our reporting can integrate to your very specific needs, and we provide Certificates of Diversion and Destruction as well as documented, auditable visual evidence for your compliance needs.

Immediate Impacts for Your ESG Score

If you're looking to accelerate your path to zero carbon, the CheckSammy Carbon Offset Marketplace gives your a trusted source to immediately improve your carbon metrics, while supporting worthwhile projects.


Moving Materials With Purpose

We know that materials have to be moved from their source, and that there's a carbon cost involved in doing so. That's why we developed a network of more than 25,000 facilities across the continent - to minimize the miles traveled from source to destination. We don't believe in shipping materials overseas when so many solutions exist domestically.

Our Tech

why choose checkSammy’s sustainability services?

CheckSammy is your perfect partner for sustainability goals. Our recycling programs and sustainability services provide reports to support your current initiatives or help start new ones.

compliance reporting

Get reports required for local, state, or federal compliance and ensure you’re meeting all environmental standards. All data is EnergyStar, GRESB, and LEED verifiable.

create a solid foundation

Our comprehensive recycling programs and detailed reports help you build a reliable foundation for your sustainability efforts. We manage your waste responsibly, and you get all the credit.

Detailed Reporting

Our reports allow you to track and trace every single item from the second it leaves your property until it reaches its final destination. Get granular on specific metrics with custom reports thanks to our groundbreaking technology.

tax incentives

With our reports, you can keep track of all the items you donated for tax incentives at the end of the year. Customize reports as needed for accounting purposes.

peace of mind

You can trust that when your waste hits our bins, we’ll handle it responsibly and sustainably – preserving your reputation and ensuring regulatory compliance.


With on-demand and subscription-based options, our prices are 30-40% below other national competitors. There are no hidden fees, and the reports are part of the package!

Sustainable Impact Across The Globe

Reducing landfill waste across North America and beyond.



pounds of material diverted from landfills



Reverse logistics & recycling facilities


Happy Clients

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Sustainability & ESG Programs

No matter what industry you’re in, our sustainability services encompass comprehensive and customizable programs ready for implementation to help you achieve your goals.

Take Back Program

Drive return in-store visits to drop off worn clothing or used product, and incentivize incremental sales.


Textile Recycling

We can take all forms of textiles, including polyester blends, and pass on the value to you.


Candle Recycling

We break down the Candles into component parts and recycle or upcycle every part, from the label to the wick and beyond.


E-Waste Recycling

Don't dispose of e-waste in the landfill. CheckSammy can dispose of e-waste sustainably and economically.


Cleaning Supply Recycling

Cleaning supplies can be hazardous, but with CheckSammy, you can dispose of excess supplies reliably.


Beauty Product Recycling

We can debrand and disassemble beauty products of all kind, keeping them away from the landfill.


Metals & Plastic Recycling

Commodities such as metal, plastic and cardboard can be sustainably repurposed, and we pass the value on to you.


Organics Recycling

Organics are a sticky business, but CheckSammy can help you sustainably handle the end of the life of organics.