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We're Your Emergency Button

Waste emergencies aren't planned - that's why they're called emergencies! With CheckSammy, you don't have to stop working on important tasks to put out the fire. All you have to do is pick up the phone or visit your own dedicated Client Portal and we'll be there faster than you can say CheckSammy. 98% of jobs are completed within 24 hours.

We don't charge any monthly minimums or lock you into long-term contracts - we're affordable when you need us, and free when you don't. We service the entirety of North America, and we offer pre-set, continent-wide pricing with no surprise charges or hidden fees.

You're busy enough as it is, so don't let a waste emergency derail a productive day. Talk to us today and use us as your very own emergency button when waste hits the fan.

waste assessment

We offer a full-stack waste assessment to help you unlock efficiencies in your current waste stream and to uncover opportunities to divert materials such as plastic, cardboard, metal, textiles and more towards more sustainable outcomes. We'll also help you identify ways to monetize the materials you divert. We sort through hundreds of pounds of waste and separate, document, and report our findings in a thorough report, broken down based on your customized specifications. Our goal is to reduce your waste expenses and increase the value generated by diverted materials.

Sustainability Consultation

Let's meet to review the materials you're accumulating or producing, and identify opportunities to monetize that material rather than pay to dispose of them in the landfill. Our Sustainability team searches more hyperlocal solutions, minimizing distance traveled and the associated logistical costs. Many companies are disposing of materials that hold commoditized value, such as plastic, cardboard or metal. Why not divert that away from the landfill to reduce disposal costs, and divert them towards more sustainable or profitable channels?

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We Keep It Simple With Our Three-Step Process.

It doesn't matter if you have 1 location or 10,000, we'll be there to solve your waste emergencies - usually same-day!

  • We Come To You

    We come out to your site or go to the landfill where you send your waste.

  • We Sort, Separate, & Document

    We pick through, separate, and sort all your waste into different categories, including paper, aluminum, and biohazards.

  • Complete Audit With Detailed Reporting

    We send you a detailed waste assessment containing our findings and include recommendations to improve your sustainability and environmental impact.

We’re On A Mission To Reduce Landfill Waste. Will You Join Us?

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What Makes Us Different

CheckSammy brings refreshing change to an outdated waste and recycling industry.


Once you book a waste assessment with CheckSammy, your work is done. We sort, separate, and document and then provide a thorough report with our findings.


Our prices are 30-40% below other national competitors. We offer best-in-class pricing with no hidden fees – ever.


We’re partnered with resale shops, recycling centers, composting stations, and more to keep unnecessary junk out of landfills.

Data & Analytics

Understand how much and what kind of waste you generate to inform your budget, behavior, and sustainability programs.

Nationwide Service

No matter where you are, we can service you - usually same-day!

compliance reporting

Get reports required for local, state, or federal compliance. All data is EnergyStar, GRESB, and LEED verifiable.

Sustainable Impact Across The Globe

Reducing landfill waste across North America and beyond.



Pounds of material diverted from landfills annually



Reverse Logistics & Recycling Facilities


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