How To Haul Away Old Furniture Like An Expert: Guidelines

Have you ever wished to replace your old furniture but couldn’t do so due to a lack of resources? Or have you just purchased new furniture, leaving the old pieces to gather dust around your home? It can be challenging to remove and dispose of furniture since you have to disassemble and transport those bulky items out the door and decide what to do with them afterward.

Many places forbid certain furniture items from being placed on the curb; therefore, you must rely on their strict timetable for city pickup. Not to mention that you must perform the bulk of the lifting.

Furniture is heavy and bulky, making disposal challenging, especially if several pieces need to be removed.

A systematic approach and a well-thought-out strategy make the furniture removal process more manageable, safer, and more productive when moving, performing a home cleanout, or simply replacing outdated, unneeded furniture. You may have a lot on your mind and wonder what the best way to dispose of furniture is. To make your research easier, we have outlined some guidelines and recommendations you can rely upon without going through any trouble.

How To Haul Away Your Old Furniture

If you need to downsize or have upgraded your furniture, consider the best way to get rid of outdated items without moving them yourself. Although some people put a “Free” sign on furniture and leave it at the curb, most homeowners usually bring their old items to the local dump.

However, there are various approaches to removing them. Here’s what you can do to get rid of your old furniture.

Hire A Junk Removal Service

It is not easy to get rid of old furniture. You’ll have to lift everything yourself, which might be challenging when working with bulky, oversized objects like furniture. Hiring a professional junk removal service is excellent if you need more help removing one or two pricey items, like a dining room set or a couch.

Old furniture removal is a specialty of junk removal services. When you use junk or furniture removal services, the provider will send workers and a cubed van or truck to your house to complete your disposal project. It will be done when you point at the furniture you want to be removed from your house.

Full-service junk removal may be superb, given how bulky and large the furniture might be, because it relieves you of all the heavy lifting. Utilizing a junk removal company has the significant benefit of doing all the work for you. The issue is that services have a cost, and the cost increases as more products are added.

Though not all businesses charge per item. In other circumstances, the amount you pay might depend on how much of the truck your junk occupies.

Additionally, since businesses generate large amounts of waste that, if improperly disposed, could harm the environment, this is the best alternative for them. Due to the rise in consumer interest in companies that use environmental best practices, more customers now expect firms to meet this need.

Rent A Dumpster

Renting a roll-off dumpster to tackle the job is one of the easiest and quickest ways to haul away furniture and other rubbish during a junk removal endeavor. There are numerous sizes and locations for dumpster rentals across the nation to handle large and small furniture.

The process of renting a dumpster is simple: pick the appropriate size for the items, schedule its delivery, load it with all your unwanted furniture and items, then arrange for its pickup once the cleanout is complete.

Although renting a dumpster is a quick and straightforward way to get rid of furniture, there are several errors to avoid. For instance, ensure that all disposable furniture and items are gathered and prepared to go when the dumpster arrives.

Additionally, keeping the dumpster’s walk-in doors open is critical to facilitate loading because furniture is often cumbersome and heavy. Nobody wants to lift couches and dining room tables into the dumpster. The best way to get rid of furniture is to rent a dumpster.


Recycling, reusing and reducing apply when disposing of furniture. And if you need to get rid of your used items, recycling is unquestionably a good choice.

Recycling these goods is a terrific choice whether you need to downsize and get rid of some furniture or replace home items like outdated furniture.

The default action is to throw stuff away. But there are better options to add to the local landfill and the municipal garbage stream. Many of our old furniture for the home or office can be recycled or used in different ways with a bit of thinking and planning.

Regarding hazardous materials, recycling furniture has several difficulties. Tables, office chairs, desks, and cabinets are just a few examples of lower-end furniture items frequently veneered with artificial materials and manufactured of treated wood or wood-based composites.

Recycling these pieces causes issues. Due to the chemicals in the varnishes, paints, adhesives, and other wood treatment products, these materials cannot be utilized for more specific purposes, like mulch.

Therefore, unless you have highly antique or expensive all-wood furniture, it is generally made of less expensive chipboard and particle board components. The issue is that these goods cannot be recycled.

Programs for processing treated wood and comparable commodities do exist in some areas. The best choice for these sorts of furniture is to find a new home for them or find a way to reuse or recycle them if you discover that there are no programs in your region that take treated wood.

Almost every manufactured sofa, couch, recliner, or cushioned office chair has the same issue with the cushions’ fabric. Since the components are frequently poisonous, recycling these is typically challenging.

Fortunately, if the cushions are constructed of polyurethane foam, you can contact a commercial recycling provider to recycle them. Unfortunately, many municipal recycling centers won’t accept foam-based goods.

Since most of the furniture piece will likely be comprised of wood, fabric, plastic, and metal after it has been disassembled, most of these materials may be easily recycled.

Several recycling services will pick up your furniture if they fit the category. Contact them and find out if your item is recyclable to start using the service.

Haul Your Furniture Away By Yourself

It’s also possible to personally transport away old, unwanted furniture if a big enough pickup truck or flatbed is available. Before loading up, make sure you know where the furniture is going—whether it’s to a landfill, recycling facility, or scrap dealer—and that the disposal site is equipped to handle the quantity and varieties of furniture you’re throwing out.

Some dumping and recycling facilities, like garbage collection services, might only take loads on particular days or circumstances. You should also examine the operating hours if it is going to a donation center.

Sell The Items Online

A different approach to getting rid of furniture and earning a little money, if you’re not in a rush to get rid of everything, is to list the goods for sale online. With a fast internet search, you can locate the best platform for you in no time. Utilize free, user-friendly services like social media networks, neighborhood message boards, and online classifieds.

Interested customers can frequently drive right up and pick up their own items. This would be a passive method of removing the old furniture you want to remove from your home.

Donate Them And Arrange For Pick Up

Giving your old stuff a new home is more essential than making money. In this situation, giving away your old furniture is a fantastic choice. There are hundreds of businesses and organizations that will accept the most donated pieces of furniture.

The less fortunate can benefit significantly from receiving practically any other used furniture as a gift and furnishing. The organization will likely take up your stuff for free if they’re in good shape, especially in big cities.

However, use your common sense and refrain from giving a filthy couch to donation. Use this option only if the item is in good condition and you could find a wonderful home with someone else.

Host A Garage Sale

A home cleanout can also generate a little revenue. It is possible to clean up old, used furniture that is still serviceable and sell it at a garage or yard sale. Sales are a fantastic method to get rid of other unnecessary items, including furniture, toys, clothing, tools, and home decor.

You could be surprised by how quickly your used-up, dated goods sell. A garage sale is a great way to get cash while decluttering your living room and home.

Benefits Of Working With A Furniture Removal Company

Naturally, each of the aforementioned furniture removal options is efficient. However, working with a professional junk removal service is the best method to guarantee appropriate disposal.

  • The corporation does the laborious task.
  • You can schedule a certain time for furniture removal.
  • Gives a timetable and a guaranteed answer for garbage removal.

Choosing a reliable furniture or junk removal company is important. When choosing a reputable firm to remove your old furniture, there are a few key factors to bear in mind.

Here are a few points to remember when picking your ideal company.


Different businesses utilize varied pricing structures and have different prices. For instance, some businesses charge by weight, so you can pay much more for your hefty pieces than for the same amount of space as for much lighter pieces. Many companies provide different packages.

A lot of them depend on whether you only need a one-time pick-up and removal or whether you’ll require the service for a few days. Make sure the business provides you with a free on-site estimate that is completely transparent. This budget should account for all labor costs, taxes, and disposal fees.

Don’t let selecting a furniture removal business to be primarily based on the lowest pricing. You want to make sure to work with an effective and professional organization with positive feedback and a strong reputation if you want to get true value for your money.

Recycling Facility

Recycling is crucial for the environment, as we previously mentioned, and excellent furniture removal firms will have ties to neighborhood organizations for donation and recycling.

A responsible company can also include green technology in its operations thanks to it. Verify the “green” practices of the furniture removal firm you are considering. Make sure they recycle and have procedures in place to have furniture donated, repurposed, and reused where appropriate.


A reputable junk removal company can schedule a pickup in a matter of days or even hours. The duration will depend on how much business the corporation has scheduled.

See if the business offers online reservations or discounts. As soon as the task is booked, ensure they confirm the appointment and arrival time and have the necessary tools and labor to finish the job promptly.

Pick the Best option

Keeping all these pointers in mind, we suggest using CheckSammy to handle recycling and removal. CheckSammy is the largest bulk junk/recycler and operator for personalized sustainability.

With CheckSammy, you get more than just a recycling partner. A thorough selection of ecologically friendly products is sent to you, providing previously unreachable insights on your waste management and ESG initiatives.

CheckSammy is definitely the best option for your company if you’re planning to haul away office furniture. Due to the rise in consumer interest in companies that use environmental best practices, more customers now expect firms to meet this need.

The simplest solution for removing office furniture is transporting everything to the nearest dump. But it’s simple to forget that doing this might take a lot of work, planning, money, and time. It also demands having adequate employees on hand and trucks fit for the job to dismantle and transport away the old furniture pieces.

You receive an ESG score from a third-party organization that evaluates how well your business performs regarding environmental, social, and governance issues. This rating can be used to demonstrate how well your company adheres to industry standards like recycling.

Having a personalized strategy is essential since every organization has unique waste patterns that alter as their businesses expand. Knowing where your company can grow can help you take proactive steps to advance and lessen your impact.

By creating a plan based on your environmental consequences, you may decide the fastest path toward improved practices. Working with a dependable partner specializing in safe waste removal efforts will help you enhance your company’s environmental impact for the benefit of the planet and the delight of your customers. There is much room for improvement when working with a company that can help you comprehend your waste management strategy.

CheckSammy offers junk removal, waste management, and customized sustainability and recycling services for the environmentally sensitive, technologically advanced era. Thanks to our user-friendly technology, you can gain significant insight into your sustainability and waste management plans. By gathering, sorting, and redirecting as much of your waste away from landfills as we can, we don’t just handle it; we handle it responsibly.

Depending on your organization and the type of trash you generate, you have a variety of waste management alternatives. You can choose your preferred option by contacting us or visiting our website; effective furniture disposal is no longer a concern.

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