Top 4 Considerations for Sustainable Junk Removal Services

Are you looking for a sustainable junk removal partner for your company? It seems like a straightforward task, but in the world of junk removal services, things aren’t always that simple.

Plenty of companies promote sustainable junk removal, but the truth is that they offer companies no way of knowing where the junk goes after it’s hauled off. And if you don’t know where the junk goes, how can you prove to your investors and customers that you’re meeting sustainability standards? So much for your ESG reporting mandates.

Thankfully, when you know what to look for, it’s absolutely possible to find a sustainable junk removal partner that fits the bill.

Here’s what to look for.

4 Questions to Ask When Looking for Sustainable Junk Removal Vendors

These four questions can help you differentiate the standouts from the middle-of-the-road providers.

1. Can they provide authenticated, verifiable data?

Most companies need to understand how much and what kind of waste they’re generating. It’s part of sustainability measures and critical to ESG compliance. So when you hire a junk removal services provider, you need to make sure they can support you with granular data that is both authenticated and verifiable.

Here at CheckSammy, we’re known for our data. Thanks to our next-gen sustainability technology, we offer complete track & trace with full chain of custody details following every haul. This not only tells you how much and what kind of waste you’re generating, but exactly what we’re doing with it and where it ends up. We tell you exactly how many pounds are resold, upcycled, or broken down into parts and recycled.

This time-stamped, locked data is unalterable and eliminates the need for waste audits because you get detailed analytics regularly, which can be transmitted directly to your ESG platform—whether you use GRESB, Energy Star, ESG Portfolio Management, or another program. We’re proud to set the standard for sustainability data in the industry.

2. Is their price competitive?

When you request a quote from a junk removal company, most vendors won’t give you pricing over the phone. Instead, they send a high-pressure sales team to meet with you and give you a custom quote in person. They use hard-hitting sales tactics and often mark up prices, simply because they know that it’s hard to say no in person.

You also need to watch out for hidden fees and variable pricing, as many junk removal vendors are notorious for their misleading pricing tactics. Do they add an upcharge for pick-ups outside a certain zone? Do they charge an additional fee for pick-ups that don’t meet a minimum threshold? Do they have add-on fees for special haul requests outside your normal schedule?

Here at CheckSammy, we don’t flinch at publishing our rates. Our price is $477 per 16 cubic yards of junk removed. We offer up-front pricing that never changes, and we don’t have hidden fees. Our price includes breaking down everything and leaving your space broom clean.

Plus, you get the detailed data for ESG reporting you simply can’t get anywhere else for the same base rate—no extra fees for customized reports.

3. Can they cover your location quickly?

Be sure to ask about coverage. Many companies say they operate in your area, which usually means they can operate in your area, but it might take a few weeks to find a subcontractor and get someone out there. Be very clear with them about coverage area and timelines.

Here at CheckSammy, we cover every resident in North America, including Puerto Rico, Guam, Hawaii, and Alaska. And we aren’t just saying that. We’re proud to offer same-day service no matter where you are in North America.

4. Will they help improve your environmental footprint?

As a business, it’s important to assess whether a vendor can help you meet your sustainability initiatives. If so, how will they do it? Be sure to ask for specifics. Will they provide the data to back up their claims?

Unfortunately, many companies use flowery language and make big promises about reducing your carbon footprint and impact without offering any proof.

Here at CheckSammy, we provide on-demand, same-day junk removal with verifiable, authenticated data using our cutting-edge sustainability technology. We collect, sort, and re-direct as much waste away from landfills as possible, and you get a full chain of custody report (complete with item weights and pictures) telling you where your junk ended up.

Plus, we have specialized sustainability programs for recycling specific items like candles, textiles, aerosols, organics, e-waste, and more to ensure you’re recycling and diverting as much as possible.

Why Companies Choose CheckSammy

It’s essential to be thorough when searching for a sustainable junk removal partner. Ask plenty of questions to make sure you choose a vendor capable of helping your company reach its ESG reporting and sustainability goals.

You can hire any number of junk removal services providers to come out and remove a couch, but chances are you won’t get the deep data you need for your ESG reporting. Which means you won’t even really know if your junk is being handled responsibly.

At CheckSammy, we offer verifiable, authenticated data that has impactful results for your sustainability efforts. With granular, accurate data, you can show your commitment to sustainability and more easily track towards and meet your ESG goals.

Contact us today to get started with our (truly) sustainable junk removal or recycling services.

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