Sustainbility Q+A with Josh Earwood

Q: What does the Sustainability Team do at CheckSammy?  

We provide sustainable solutions for our clients’ waste needs.  A lot of our work is done on the industrial level, providing landfill diversion for our clients’ manufacturing needs.  From recycling to product destruction and even waste to energy, we utilize every tool in the sustainability world to ensure our clients are satisfied with their services.  

Q: What are some of the most interesting Sustainability projects you’ve worked on? 

With the winding down of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we’ve seen an increasing need to recycle excess PPE materials as well as expired COVID Tests and hand sanitizer.  These have been handled in a variety of ways, from material separation and recycling to incineration for Waste to Energy.  We have also seen an increase in requests to recycle branded textiles, which we have been able to provide unique solutions for including shredding and reuse to manufacture other materials such as carpet padding and stuffing. 

Q: What are the most common client challenges related to sustainability?  

In addition to needing to secure sustainable solutions for manufacturing and warehousing needs, clients are focusing more on their collection efforts from employees and the public.  This has lead to an increase in requests to provide recycling pickups from e-waste drives, clothing and textile drives, etc.  Clients hold the collection events and then turn to Checksammy to ensure sustainable disposal. 

Q: Could you share any intriguing projects that you’re currently working on?  

We always have something interesting going on.  Right now, a couple major chains are seeking organic solutions for their food waste, while others are looking to recycle some of the plastic dividers that we became familiar with from social distancing.  No two days are ever the same in the world of Sustainability and Logistics. 



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