Delivering Reliability & Cost Efficiencies on the Fly

This company was struggling with reliable and cost-efficient junk removal until it began contracting with CheckSammy and its dependable, price-competitive service.

“We’re very diligent about having food in our waste areas because it can attract pests, and those pests can then enter our cafes,” the company’s senior analyst said. “This waste needs to be picked up promptly. The way some of our back-of-store areas are sized, there isn’t always enough room for waste and recycling bins, so waste piling up and overflows can grow into bigger problems for my teams.”

The analyst manages 1,000 restaurants nationwide. The CheckSammy referral came from one of its primary waste haulers, Waste Management.

“In the past, for bulk junk removal needs, we’d contract through junk removal companies or a localized junk hauler,” the analyst said. “These haulers did not always pick-up often enough, or sometimes would skip a trip, he said.

“I know with CheckSammy, if I schedule a pick-up the next day, I can guarantee they will be there, usually first thing in the morning,” he said.

The analyst was frustrated that other haulers would arrange for pick-ups to meet their needs, their schedules, and not his.

“We are a needy business,” he said. “In our business operations, I have times when I need the haulers to come on the same day. That’s a really tall task for most, but CheckSammy has been reliable in that way.”

“I sometimes am coordinating emergency pick-ups in several time zones, and late at night. I have to be available round-the-clock, weekends and holidays. Sometimes I’m communicating with CheckSammy customer reps by phone, text or my computer – I could be in a remote area where the connectivity isn’t so good. But in whatever manner, we’re able to connect. It doesn’t matter if it’s a job needed in Florida or Las Vegas, CheckSammy has been able to make it happen.”

The analyst said that when his company first started using CheckSammy (in January), he threw them “a big curve ball” with their very first assignment.

“We had a waste backup in one of our manufacturing facilities that needed to be taken away promptly or it would become a health hazard,” the analyst said. “Our compactor stopped working, so the product piled up and it’s really heavy and it takes up a lot of space. This had to be removed during off-hours or it would become a fire drill. It was.”

Bulk junk removal is often reactionary, he said.

“We might have to have large appliances removed or a new refrigerator swapped in,” he said. “Or we could have an entire storage area that needs to be cleared. In other cases, our cafes might go out of business and close or we could choose to relocate them across town.”

“These types of jobs are very expensive and have to be done efficiently. I can now see why my supervisor was ranting and raving about them – in a good way – and recommended trying them out.”

He has a fixed national price structure with CheckSammy.

“I know what a quarter, half and full truck load will cost before booking the job,” he said. “I also know what the cost of a dry run will be if we don’t cancel the service in time. This takes the guessing aspect away that we had with other vendors. I don’t have to wait for the invoice to know how much the service costs.”