3 Ways Sustainable Junk Removal Supports Local Communities

During the holiday season, organizations often look for ways to support their local communities. Some companies opt for food or toy drives. Others donate to local charities. There’s one way organizations can support their local communities that’s often overlooked—and that’s by opting into sustainable junk removal services.

At CheckSammy, we provide sustainable junk removal solutions that allow companies to get rid of their junk, improve their ESG scores, and of course, give back to their communities. But how exactly can junk removal help your local community?

In this article, we’ll share how investing in sustainable junk removal is like making an investment in your local community.

3 Ways Sustainable Junk Removal Helps Your Community

Here are three ways sustainable junk removal can help support local communities this holiday season and beyond.

1. Diverts Usable Items to Those Who Need Help in Your Community

When you partner with CheckSammy, we work to donate what we can and recycle what we can’t, ultimately sending as little junk to landfills as possible. As a result, we end up donating many items to local charitable organizations.

But we don’t just partner with national organizations like the Salvation Army. We also work with your local charities. For example, we often donate usable clothes and household items to local women’s shelters and used textiles to pet shelters. So, when you opt for sustainable junk removal, you’re ensuring the usable items stay local and support the people (and animals) in your community who need them most.

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2. Sustainable Junk Removal Stimulates Job Growth

From thrift store workers and truck drivers to local recycling centers and charities, sustainable junk removal requires many hands. While you could work with organizations outside your city, why not opt instead to work with local companies and organizations to make sure that work stays within your community?

Diverting your junk away from the landfill and keeping the funds local helps drive the demand for workers in those positions. As a result, you’re directly contributing to the creation of jobs and helping keep that money inside your community.

3. Reduces the Community’s Carbon Footprint

When you divert items locally, you reduce the carbon footprint of shipping things offshore to be recycled. At CheckSammy, we keep everything we pick up on North American soil and try to keep things within the state when possible. We always choose the closest available location to decrease the fuel and environmental impact of shipping your items around.

In addition, we always ensure we use the right size trucks and optimize our routes to use the least amount of emissions possible. So, when you opt for sustainable junk removal instead of regular junk removal, you’re reducing your community’s (and organization’s) total ecological impact.

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Get Sustainable Junk Removal to Help Your Local Community During Treecember

As you can see, when you participate in sustainable junk removal, you’re doing more than just getting rid of your junk. You’re helping your local community thrive. Here at CheckSammy, we specialize in helping companies, communities, and schools reduce their carbon footprint and give back with our customizable junk removal solutions.

In addition, we’re helping you do even more with our annual Treecember Campaign, our yearly holiday initiative where we plant one tree for every job we complete. This year we’re supporting Appalachia, which has lost an estimated 83% of its habitat due to mining, timber operations, and forest fires.

We’re also excited to expand our impact further this year. In addition to the one tree planted per job, we’re also planting ten trees every time we complete a job in a new location. Now is a terrific time to double your impact by scheduling your sustainable junk removal service.

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