Tech for Good: How CheckSammy is Bringing ESG Data into the Recycling & Waste

ESG data, also known as Environmental, Social and Governance metrics, has become a critical component of operating a successful corporation. This crucial data lets investors and customers get a detailed look at how sustainable and ethical your business practices are via detailed metrics and scores.

However, obtaining the sort of detailed, accurate data required for ESG reporting has been impossible in the recycling and waste diversion space—until now.

At CheckSammy, we use innovative technology to give companies the verifiable, authenticated recycling and waste diversion data they need for their ESG reports. Let’s take a deeper look at how we’re bringing ESG data into the recycling and waste diversion industry with our technology.

Our 4-Step Process to Provide Detailed Waste Diversion Data

There’s a reason why we love to say, “You can’t measure what you can’t measure.”

Before CheckSammy emerged on the scene, many organizations partnered with sustainable recycling and waste management companies to help make their efforts more sustainable. There was a problem, however.

Without a way to measure what was actually happening, companies had no way to report these efforts to their investors, customers, and communities. In some cases, these “sustainable” waste management vendors weren’t actually sustainable at all.

We’ve made it possible to track and trace every single piece of waste that comes out of your company. Here’s how it works:

  • Step One: Using our proprietary app, our drivers take real-life photos of your items and geo-tag them the moment they pick them up.
  • Step Two: Our drivers transport your items to one of our designated sorting facilities. We then source separate your items and collect certain data points, including height, weight, type of item, etc.
  • Step Three: Then, we begin the waste diversion We take your sorted items and send them to the appropriate places. We aim to recycle, repurpose, and reuse as much of your waste as possible. Anything that we can’t divert, we dispose of for you.
  • Step Four: Once we’ve handled all your waste, you receive comprehensive chain-of-custody data on your items, complete with granular reporting—down to the number of units, weights, and the percentage diverted from landfills.

The data we provide is unalterable and verifiable, which means you can use it in your ESG reports to improve your ESG score. It’s a way to make your sustainability efforts truly count, and it’s also a reliable avenue to avoid greenwashing and remain compliant.

It’s also part of why we believe technology is key to ESG reporting.

Use Verifiable Waste Diversion Reports to Enhance your ESG Data

At the end of the day, your ESG scores matter a great deal to your investors, customers, and community. However, until now, you haven’t really been able to include your waste diversion efforts into the equation.

Thanks to our next-generation recycling technology, you can now obtain detailed data and granular reporting about your recycling and waste diversion efforts. More importantly, you can use this information on your ESG reports to increase your overall score. With a higher score, you’ll position your organization to be more appealing to investors and consumers alike.

At CheckSammy, we’re more than an ESG data company—we’re a full-service recycling, waste management, and sustainability solutions partner. We use our unparalleled technology and impressive fleet to give you the support and reporting you need. As a sustainable junk removal services provider backed by industry-leading technology, we’re here to help.

If you’re ready to improve your ESG scores with verifiable waste diversion data, contact us today.


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