A Convenient Solution for Homeowners, Residents, Property Managers, Cities and YOU to reduce what goes into our landfills.

CheckSammy addresses a very real need in our communities. We are a residential reuse program that makes donating items easy and practical. From individual residents to full-scale city programs, we are part of the solution that will help save our fragile planet.

The future is in your hands – don’t let it go to waste!

CheckSammy Addresses the Real Problem of Excess Consumer Goods and Growing Landfills

There are over 140 million homes in North America and more storage facilities than coffee houses and fast food chains combined. With the average home storing over $3,300 worth of unused goods and the average storage locker >$1,000 in items, people want a convenient and socially acceptable platform to help others and the environment.

With the development of a high-functioning app, our users can post items for a free gifting service, order a bin or bag for delivery, and schedule pick up…all for a low cost and big value. Scroll down to learn more!


Reducing City Waste Exponentially.

We seek to reduce textiles, e-waste and household items from landfills by ONE THIRD OR MORE.


Are you working diligently towards a Zero Waste Goal?


Does your city council struggle with how to address curbside dumping?


Are your current programs not large enough to deal with excess consumer goods?


Making a Difference to People in Your Neighborhood

An easy and convenient way for Property Managers and residents to divert usable items from waste bins and our landfills.

Do you struggle with overflowing waste bins?


Do you have cross-contamination problems and have to sort through the bins?


Do you wish there was a low-cost solution that didn’t make your job more time-consuming?

Homeowners & Residents

Doing Your Part to Reduce Global Waste.

Our landfills are overflowing with items that can be repurposed to another home…through our app, order a bin or a bag and let’s work together to do our part to reduce the impact on our planet.

Do you have good, reusable items cluttering your home that you no longer need?


Do you wish there was an easy and convenient way to donate these items when moving or spring cleaning?


Do you have items to give away but people can’t find a way to pick them up? Learn about our MarketPlace.

The Marketplace

An Endless Supply of Free Items

Our landfills are overflowing with items that can be repurposed to another home…
Our app is available for download where you can post, browse and even arrange for delivery!

Do you have good, reusable items you would love to repurpose to another home?


Do you wish there was a safe and secure way to exchange free items in your community?


Do you have items to give away but people can’t find a way to pick them up?


So who is Sam? Great ideas are sparked out of a problem to which there seems to be no easy solution. Such is the way CheckSammy was born!

…what to do with all our STUFF? Donate, rent a truck, throw out our unwanted items? There has GOT to be a better way….