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We are a team of highly motivated individuals with deep backgrounds in technology, logistics and the waste/recycle industry, looking to make the planet a little greener. All while reducing operational costs generally associated within the multi-family/commercial property space. We all own too much stuff and when it comes time to get rid of these items, whether its for reuse or junk, CheckSammy is the one-stop-shop solution.



We believe that in order to address this growing problem of reusable items ending up in landfills we need to work with communities all the way from the city level to individual residents.

We provide a customizable solution that is scaleable and provides transparency of goods collected through our technology and reporting.

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Multi-Family Residential

CheckSammy provides an easy and convenient way for residents to reduce usable items from entering landfills. Property managers often have to deal with sorting through waste bins to avoid fines for illegal dumping or reduce costs for waste pickup.

With CheckSammy you can divert up to 5 METRIC TONS of reusable items from your waste bins!

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We are a team/family who deeply cares about our planet and are 100% committed to re-directing over 1 billion pounds per annum of used consumer goods from landfill to new homes by 2028.

With deep backgrounds and expertise in logistics, software and sustainability/recycling, our team discovered a massive void in the used consumer goods marketplace. With no real solution to scale across North America for both multi-family and commercial properties, we consider ourselves pioneers and have set the gold level standard of service in an industry we’ve created.

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CheckSammy seeks to divert textiles, e-waste and household items from landfills by ONE THIRD OR MORE.

We will work with your committees and council to create a residential curbside collection program.

It will fits with your budget and helps you move towards a more sustainable city.

Our Mission Statement

CheckSammy addresses the problem of excess consumer goods and growing landfills through the implementation of technology platforms and programs for reuse of items.

Making it easy for people to give within their community and reduce waste.


Every Year North Americans send

of Reusable Items to Landfills


Can be Reused or Repurposed

Our Executive Team

Sam Scoten

Sam Scoten

CEO, Co-Founder

  • Finance & capital formation for high growth Tech start-ups
Paul Botelho

Paul Botelho

CTO, Co-Founder

  • Multi-National marketing and technology expertise
Ryan Hatch

Ryan Hatch


  • Sales & Organizational Leadership servicing multi-family communities
Fraser Reid

Fraser Reid


  • Financial executive with expertise in multi-national organizations
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