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About CheckSammy

Great ideas are sparked out of a problem to which there seems to be no quick solution. Such is the way CheckSammy was born! 

While on vacation with my family in Hawaii and at the end of our time there, we had so much STUFF left over! Food, toys, beverages, you name it…. what to do with all this? It’s easy to say “Well, just donate it”.  But, if you’ve ever been in that position it is definitely easier said than done. Later, when we arrived at home, we were faced with the cluttered state of our garage. Sure, we could throw out our “unwanted” items, make multiple trips to a local donation center, rent a truck to haul it all there…all while balancing our busy lives.

And so, as the saying goes at the birth of any business idea…“There has GOT to be a better way!”

Did you know that there are over 140 million homes in North America and more storage facilities than Starbucks, McDonalds and Subway combined. With the average home storing over $3,300 worth of unused goods and the average storage locker >$1,000 in items, people want a convenient and socially acceptable way to help others and the environment.  

CheckSammy is addressing a very real need in our communities. Renters, home owners and apartment dwellers with a large amount of unneeded or unwanted household items can order a BIN or BAG (made of 100% recycled material) for delivery, fill them up (instead of the trash can) and conveniently schedule a pick up …all for a low cost and big value. Visit the CheckSammy Reuse page.

Yes, there are other pick-up services and marketplaces for free items. So how are we unique? Delivery is part of our reuse and sustainability programs and you decide when that pick up happens. Within 24 hours you can have a high capacity BIN in your driveway and 72 hours later it will conveniently be picked up.           

So what’s next for CheckSammy25 million members by 2025. We are very excited by that number! Our Mission is to create a global online community, connecting individuals to consumer items, minimizing waste to landfill and maximizing value. We think that’s a pretty fantastic thing to be passionate about!

We are now actively serving Metro Vancouver with some exciting growth plans in the very near future.

Follow us on FB, Instagram and Twitter and go to our website www.checksammy.com for ordering and scheduling our bins or bags service.  We are also currently developing a high-functioning APP for our users to post and find individual items through our free gifting service which is now available through both Apple and Android app stores.

Don’t miss out on being a part of the next best thing in the Reuse/Recycle generation! Happy gifting!

Sammy from CheckSammy

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