If we can solve it, we’ll remove 100lbs
of plastic from the ocean on your behalf.
If we can’t solve it, we’ll remove

Historic Challenges

We were born to solve custom logistics challenges, in ways that are both psychically and environmentally sustainable, We’re justifiably proud of solving the unsolvable. Here are just some of our favorutes.

The Mannequin Project

A major retailer presented us a gargantuan challenge: pickup and recycle 55,243 mannequins across 800 locations. Our nationwide network of reverse logistics carriers successfully met the challenge, diverting 170 tons of plastic, 54 tons of metal and 154 tons of CO2 from the landfill.

The Candle Project

A Beauty brand wanted to recycle thousands of unused candles rather than ship to the landfill. To protect their Brand, we debranded any identifying marks then broke down the glass in a controlled environment to prepare it for recycling. We used heating belts to melt away the wax into a single form and diverted the tin lids to firestarter producers.

The Peanut Butter Project

A leading food manufacturer found themselves with 65 tons of tainted peanut butter. Their first move was to ask their waste company for a price to send it to the landfill. Their second move was to ask CheckSammy for a sustainable alternative. We took it to an anaerobic digestion facility that diverted the material at a lower cost and generated valueadded biogas as a byproduct.

The CheckSammy Carbon Offset Marketplace

We’ve partnered with South Pole, a global provider of sustainability financing and developer of verified and validated emission-reduction projects, to provide a safe, trusted marketplace for accredited carbon offsets
Visit www.checksammy.com/carbonoffsets to learn more about how to offset your carbon footprint

We’re a Sustainability Company

You may know what you want to achieve, but don’t know how to practically
achieve it. Or you may not have the internal resources to achieve it on your own. You may not even have the internal resources to coordinate the multiple components and stages of a meaningful sustainability
program. That’s where we can help you, and transform your capabilities.

Whether you need

• To quantify your ESG scores and identify paths to improve
• Consulting to map put your path to sustainability
• An executional partner to carry out your sustainability programs
• Trackable Data to quantify your impact or to generate carbon credits
• Or anything else

We can help you today

We’re Your Sustainability Partner

Whatever your current level of sustainability achievement may be, we can help you be better and
accomplish more. We can be your head, your hands or a trusted partner walking alongside you.

We’re your true partner in sustainability. Talk to us – we’re confident we can help you map out your goals,
execute on programs to achieve them, and provide verifiable data to quantify the impact of your efforts.

What’s an ESG Score and How Can We Help?

Your ESG score is a third-party rating of your
company’s performance on environmental, social,
and governance issues. Agencies collect a large
quantityof data –both public and private– to evaluate
how your business is addressing these matters

Waste Assessments: We’ll Come to You

If you’re ready to tackle your ESG Score, we can help. We offer a comprehensive waste assessment to help companies address and evaluate their sustainability initiatives. We sort through hundreds of pounds of waste and separate, document, and report our findings in a thorough report, broken down based on your specific requirements.

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