Multi-Family Residential

Did you know the average multi-family apartment building in North America throws away over 3.5 tons of textiles per annum.

Property managers often have to deal with sorting through waste bins to avoid fines for illegal dumping or reduce cost for waste pickup. This is not only time consuming but a distraction from day-to-day operations.

With CheckSammy, you can divert up to 5 metric tons of reusable items from your buildings waste annually and have peace of mind knowing we monitor the fill levels in real-time. With live monitoring and dedicated fleet of drivers allows for a 100% hand free service.

The Solution Begins Here


CheckSammy makes it easy and convenient for residents to get rid of unwanted reusable items all while reducing workloads for Building Managers – no more sorting improper disposal.

Distribution of Bins

CheckSammy delivers Sustainability BINS(s) to your complex and places them in a pre-designated area (either indoors or outside if necessary).

Convenient Pick Up

Our Smart Sustainability BINS record fill frequency and levels in real-time so we know when to pick up the contents. It’s a hands-off solution for the Building Manager!

CheckSammy Distribution Centre

We sort through the collected goods and in turn redirect them to charitable organizations and thrift stores.


CheckSammys program for Multi-Tenant buildings makes it easy and convenient for both property managers to use and occupants to participate in.

How the CheckSammy Residential Reuse Program Works

1.  CheckSammy places 1.3 yd³, 800lb capacity bins in the recycling/waste area of the building.

2. Building occupants can place reusable items in the bin when they are selling, moving, or just needing to de-clutter.

3. Our fill level sensors automatically tell us when the bin is reaching capacity. The CheckSammy drivers then add the location to their route pick up and bin is emptied.

Sustainability Bins for Multi-Family Residential


CheckSammy SUSTAINABILITY BINS are a highly effective way to assist Commercial buildings and industries, mult-family buildings in the fight to reduce global waste.

CheckSammy SUSTAINABILITY BINS accept : Clothing, small electronics, linens, books, toys, sports equipment, kitchenware or any reusable household item.



Current Problem

Property Managers can encounter many challenges in their job. Whether it’s unhappy residents or extra fees from excess waste, their day can be filled with unnecessary pressure.

Your overall goal as a modern property manager is to run your business more effectively. However, it seems there are a lot of challenges that professionals like yourself have to deal with.

What we know about property management companies is that costs are rising faster. This means property managers will need to be more efficient and bring more value to their clients.

The best way to achieve that will be through tech solutions that can automate tasks and free up time and money for property managers to focus on growing revenue.

As much as a Reuse program can add benefits there can be concern for also adding additional time to their busy schedule.

CheckSammy addresses this need for a Residential Reuse Program that uses technology to minimize invested time with maximum benefits…


Do you have cross-contamination problems and have to sort through the bins and remove items that should not be in the trash?


Do you struggle with waste bins overflowing with non-trash items that could otherwise be placed in a Reuse Repurpose Bin?


Do you wish there was a low-cost solution to eliminate these problems and give access to others who could Reuse the items?

Our Technology


Making a Difference to People in Your Neighborhood


The CheckSammy Reuse Program:

  • Provides an easy and convenient means for residents to donate reusable items right in their own complex.
  • Eliminates Managers from having to take things out of the garbage bins that shouldn’t be there, saving the Property Management time and money in dumping fees.
  • Is a simple flat rate monthly program (CS Residential Reuse & CS Junk Removal).
  • Is single point solution for Residential Reuse and Junk Removal –a “one-stop-shop”.
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Our Distribution Centers

The Technology Platform We Provide

We work with local charities and e-waste recycling programs to distribute collected items to the appropriate organizations.


Our goals of landfill diversion continue beyond the collection process no matter the materials that are donated.

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