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Sustainability Programs

  • Sustainability Check-In

    Let's have a CheckSammy Check-in, where we learn about your problems, your challenges and your opportunities. Whether you know what your best growth opportunity is or if you need us to help find it - we can help.

  • The CheckSammy Action Plan

    We'll look for opportunities to reduce costs, while redirecting value-holding materials away from expensive landfills, and towards areas of growth. We'll balance bottom-line concerns with increasing your ESG performance and making positive planetary impact. We provide options, and you order from our menu of services.

  • We Handle Your Waste Sustainably

    From furniture to textiles to e-waste and more, we can execute on the plan we collaborated on in the previous step. We’ll pick up your junk, sort, and document every item, and determine whether to donate, recycle, or dispose sustainably.

  • Reporting

    You’ll get detailed analytics for every project, designed to be integrated into industry-standard platforms, APIs for use by investors, government and ESG regulatory agencies, as well as with press, PR and brand teams. When you do good corporately, you should promote that good to your employee, consumer and competitor audiences - we’ll help you do that right.

Responsible E-Waste Recycling Solutions

Disposing of electronic waste isn’t as simple as just throwing it away. Most electronics contain hazardous materials, so throwing e-waste into the garbage isn’t only hazardous – it’s often illegal. That’s why e-waste recycling is so important.

Here at CheckSammy, we custom tailor our e-waste recycling programs to fit your needs. Whether you want to remove specific electric components and wiring or you just need to get rid of your e-waste securely and responsibly, we have you covered. We collect, sort, and either donate or recycle your e-waste, then send you a detailed report of exactly what we did with it.

Responsible E-Waste Recycling Solutions
Computer Monitors
Computer Components
Servers & Server Racks
Video Game Systems
Circuit Boards
DVD/Blu Ray Players
Washing Machines

Materials We Collect

We understand how hard you’ve worked to achieve your brand’s reputation. That’s why we offer debranding services to decrease the physical and reputational risks of recycling and donating your electronics.

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Organics Recycling Programs, Backed By Data

Our nationwide network of Sustainability facilities, including places such as anaerobic digestion facilities, enables us to take organic materials and dispose or redirect them, sustainably. The scale of our Sustainability network allows us to minimize the distance traveled from your location to an end-of-life facility.

Whether you have a one-time need or have need of regularly-scheduled pickup services, CheckSammy is the right place for you. We often do milk-runs from multiple locations, to make it easier and more convenient for you to implement an organics recycling program.

Organics Recycling Programs, Backed
By Data
  • Book Us

    Whether you need organics recycling next month or right now, contact us, and we’ll be there.

  • We Come To You

    Our fleet of 5000+ haulers allows us to quickly pick up large amounts of organic waste, no matter where you’re located in the U.S. or Canada.

  • Repurposing Organics

    We take your organics to our facility partners located throughout North America and sustainably transform your waste into reusable soils, bio-gas or more.

Tailored Organics Recycling Solutions By Checksammy

Data-driven studies illustrate the positive impact of compost derived from organic waste on soil quality and fertility. Furthermore, it reduces the need for chemical fertilizers, which can have detrimental effects on ecosystems and water quality.

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Sustainable Demolition for the Construction Industry

At CheckSammy, we use a balanced approach for sustainable demolition. We look at the feasibility of material salvage and reuse in the circular economy, as ways to mitigate the cost and maximize landfill diversion metrics.

We have extensive experience in terms of the likelihood of reuse of the various building elements versus the complexity of recovery and other impacts to the local community.

Sustainable Demolition for the Construction Industry
  • Selective Demolition

    This is where certain sections of a building are removed while leaving the main structure intact, which is ideal for renovating properties without getting rid of all existing structures.

  • Green Demolition

    Increasingly popular, this leverages eco-friendly practices to minimize the environmental impact of demolishing a building, such as recycling materials, using non-toxic materials and ensuring that the local environment is not affected.

  • Energy Generation

    Waste materials can be incinerated to produce energy that can then be used for power. Gasification involves converting construction waste material into a gas that can be used as a fuel.

It Makes Economical Sense

Traditional demolition methods often result in a significant amount of waste, pollution, and environmental damage. Sustainable demolition, on the other hand, focuses on minimizing the negative impact on the environment and maximizing the recovery and reuse of materials.

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