CheckSammy Introduces Sustainable Demolition: A Green Step Forward in Construction & Demolition

CheckSammy takes an eco-forward leap, launching a cutting-edge sustainable demolition service that prioritizes reuse over landfill disposal.

DALLASSept. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — CheckSammy, a leading force in the Sustainability & Bulk Waste sectors, proudly announces the launch of their Sustainable Demolition solution for the Construction and Demolition (CDW) industry. This state-of-the-art solution underscores the company’s commitment to diverting materials away from landfills by providing seamless solutions to facilitate the reuse of demolished materials.

The core philosophy at CheckSammy involves adopting a balanced approach to sustainable demolition. The focus is on the economic feasibility of salvaging and reintegrating materials into the circular economy. By doing so, it becomes possible to offset costs and bolster landfill diversion metrics significantly. CheckSammy prides itself on its expertise in maximizing the potential for reusing building elements, taking into account recovery complexities and local community impacts.

With the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emphasizing the use of recyclable materials and waste reuse, CheckSammy is uniquely poised to implement these guidelines. Their proficiency in planning and executing sustainable demolition is unrivaled, ensuring that waste is optimally diverted away from landfills.

The pressing nature of the issue becomes apparent when confronted with the data: over 130 million tons of demolition waste is produced annually in the U.S. alone. Out of this, a significant portion consists of reusable materials like concrete, bricks, and metals. In light of the fact that the construction industry contributes to about 50% of solid waste in the U.S., CheckSammy’s commitment to sustainability is not just innovative but essential.

CheckSammy’s Sustainable Demolition encompasses:

  • Deconstruction: A demolition technique ensuring maximum salvage and reuse of building components.
  • Selective Demolition: Tailored for renovations, this approach involves removing specific building sections while preserving the overall structure.
  • Green Demolition: An environmentally-conscious demolition method that prioritizes recycling, the use of non-toxic materials, and minimal environmental disruption.
  • Energy Generation: A modern approach where waste materials undergo processes like incineration, gasification, or plasma gasification to be transformed into usable energy.

With their expertise and steadfast commitment to greener practices, CheckSammy heralds a new era for the construction and demolition industry. Stakeholders in the sector are encouraged to explore the future of sustainable demolition and be a part of this transformative journey.

Sam Scoten co-founded CheckSammy with Paul Botelho, drawing on his experience in the financial sector and with tech startups. His in-depth understanding of both realms has enabled him to build a company that uses technology and data to offer sustainable waste management solutions. His efforts highlight the potential for businesses to operate in a manner that is not only efficient and profitable but also beneficial to the environment. CheckSammy champions a world where robust, cost-effective waste management and sustainability seamlessly coexist as complementary objectives.

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