CheckSammy SpringClean: Removing Plastic from our Waterways

December 2022 saw CheckSammy Treecember, our effort to reforest Appalachia by planting trees.  We were beyond ecstatic with the engagement we saw from it, resulting in the planting of 7,220 trees in Appalachia with our partner organization, One Tree Planted.  This April, we’re launching the month-long CheckSammy SpringClean program to turn our attention and our efforts to our oceans and waterways.  In April, we’ll remove 1lb of ocean-bound plastic for every job completed and 10lbs for every new location serviced.  So please share with your colleagues, coworkers, other branches and anyone else who wants to clear plastic from our waterways.  We’ve partnered with Ocean Co. for SpringClean and we hope we’re able to remove many thousands of pounds of plastic from this effort.  Since 2019, Ocean Co has removed 732,539,781 ocean-bound plastic bottles.

Spring Clean Powered By Ocean Co.

Our collective efforts through SpringClean will fund plastic collection across Ocean Co.’s partner collection network, supporting projects that create the most positive impact for communities across the globe. Ocean Co. works with collectors in vulnerable coastal communities to clear rivers and waterways, and stop plastic entering the ocean. Collectors exchange plastic for money and get access to social resources such as healthcare, education and financial support.
Spring Clean

The collected plastic is recycled, upcycled or co-processed through a fully traceable system.  One of the primary reasons we chose to work with Ocean Co. is because they have a zero waste to landfill policy. So please – join in SpringClean and help us to remove ocean-bound plastic this April and beyond.

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