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ESG’s & Sustainable Growth

ESG Compliance: CheckSammy Can Help You With Your ESG Score!

Maintaining and sustaining human civilization is the overarching theme for humanity as we move toward the future and will be for the next decade or more. As large-scale economic activities produce unfavorable results for the environment, it has become a concern for households and businesses alike.

Humanity influences the environment with our agricultural activities and production and consumption of energy (such as electricity).

This blog focuses on ESG Compliance and how companies can participate proactively in the common goal of reducing the amount of waste that is created and dumped in landfills. It helps to reduce the volume of greenhouse gases that escape into the atmosphere. This includes companies’ industrial activity and the waste products – sometimes hazardous materials – that must be disposed of properly.

What is ESG?

ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance and speaks to the close relationship of human activity, how businesses conduct themselves, and the role of government in ensuring that our communities continue to survive and thrive. While global leaders may not agree on whether our civilization-making is the direct cause of climate changes like extreme temperatures, droughts, and the recorded melting of the polar ice caps, it’s widely accepted that the fossil-fuel economies of countries are not sustainable in the long term.

Governments have agreed that energy conservation is a common good and that the increasing amounts of industrial and public waste create problems we must resolve in our time.

\What is an ESG Score?

“An ESG score is a measurement of a company’s level of sustainability. The calculation is based on many factors, and an ESG score can range from 0-100.” –

Simply put, commercial enterprises have a set of goals that they must align their activities with. There is a general consensus in the scientific community that humankind must avoid exploiting the environment. We must utilize the land in ways that do not cause deforestation and the extinction of plant and animal species and implement sustainable ways to use energy, water, and land. Therefore, a company’s ESG score is a rating based on how well it is doing in terms of environmental, social, and governance best practices.

How do ESGs affect your business?

Businesses, like people, need energy (electricity) to conduct their activities. And businesses definitely produce waste as a result of transforming materials into products, as well as transporting and storing products before they go to market.

These activities produce emissions. In the past, companies would let these gases escape into the atmosphere. We have since discovered that increases in carbon dioxide, for example, negatively impact the protective layers of the atmosphere that make human life possible.

This means that economic activity affects the ability of humans to live on the planet safely. There are other impacts – like the potential for UV Rays to cause skin cancer in humans – but there are many resources online to explain the conditions that result from irresponsible industrial activity. This blog hones in on the role of companies and how ESG initiatives impact their business operations.

Social Responsibility

“The overwhelming weight of accumulated research finds that companies that pay attention to environmental, social, and governance concerns do not experience a drag on value creation” –

While it seems obvious that a benefit to humanity as a whole is of value to businesses, some businesses have a hard time transitioning into new ways of operating or using alternative resources to create their products and offer services.

But social responsibility is of greater value to companies: it improves their reputation and enhances their visibility in their communities. These are companies that governments will seek to assist and protect as they exhibit their willingness to contribute to bettering the environment and the planet as a whole. This also enhances their standing with their consumers and potential investors.

Greater Confidence in Business Growth

Given the political weight behind sustainability in business operations, and the public awareness of impacts on our environment, a company’s participation is something investors, stakeholders, and the finance industry will take into account.

A company’s future is largely determined by its ability to perform successfully (revenue and market share) within the economy, but confidence in that performance is based on subjective perception as well. A company that proactively approaches transforming its operations and maintaining adherence to sustainable development and growth makes an excellent impression on interested and invested parties.

As time moves forward, investors and other stakeholders will place greater importance on ESG ratings to assess the viability of a specific business in the long term. Companies with high ESG scores may be preferred candidates for investment opportunities and, thus, secure access to private and public funding. A high ESG score, or favorable ratings in the pursuit of greater ESG compliance, creates positive brand awareness that makes a good first impression on would-be collaborators and investors.

If a business can use less energy/use energy more smartly, use less water, and maximize the usage of the land they occupy, this reduces the need to cut down forested areas or monopolize water sources like rivers. This improves access and availability for townspeople and city-dwellers who, by nature, consume water without being able to replenish it. For this, we must rely on the earth’s natural cycles of water evaporation and rain, as well as plants and trees removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

The media often makes a note of these conditions as the public consciousness regarding sustainability grows and becomes more intense.

CheckSammy can help you with your ESG Score!

CheckSammy’s mission is to reduce reliance on landfills and thereby reduce the volume of atmospheric carbon dioxide and methane emissions. The company uses advanced technology to monitor and manage waste collection and disposal and recycles still-useful materials.

Their waste management solutions are holistic: from the starting point of who creates waste to the endpoint of disposal, CheckSammy creates a network of distribution that is tracked and traceable. It ensures that waste products are properly analyzed and appropriately disposed of.

While their AI technology monitors and tracks the distribution of waste collected, it also compiles data for companies to use in relation to greater sustainability. Insights like what waste products can be recycled and charities it will be redistributed to. This allows companies to get ahead of their trash and possibly reduce the overall amount that needs to be destroyed or wasted. CheckSammy also makes it simple for companies to dispose of hazardous materials or E-Waste (old electronics, batteries, lightbulbs, etc.) in a safe way.

Furthermore, CheckSammy provides companies that partner with them with a full report, as well as certificates of destruction that can be submitted as part of their ESG Compliance. This illustrates a company’s willingness to implement sustainability practices and show governments and their communities that they can and do cooperate with strategies to safeguard the environment and our collective future. It also shows other companies that ignorance and neglect of ESG initiatives are not the way to go about doing one’s business and that compliance is possible and can improve market performance and brand loyalty.

The more ways a company can show its implementation of strategies toward sustainable operations and waste reduction, the better it is for them: it is unlikely that government agencies will restrict or outlaw their industrial activities, and further, governments can assist companiesin transforming their energy usage and subsidize transitions to using cleaner energy sources. A high ESG Score and/or positive improvements in ratings is a great illustration of this!

ESG compliance is a win-win situation for all parties vested in the survival and success of humankind, their own successful performance in society and in the marketplace, and, importantly, allowing the earth to maintain the environment we live in.

Connect with CheckSammy today: you will find relevant information and proactive solutions that suit your business needs perfectly!


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