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Case Study: The Mannequin Project



Recycling 55,243 Mannequins for a Better Planet… and a Better Bottom Line.

The challenge? Find a way to recycle 55,243 mannequins across the country.
The team? CheckSammy and a client that cared about their impact on the planet.
The goal? To reduce carbon emissions and divert metal and plastic from the landfill.
The project? A success!

In collaboration with a mindful client, CheckSammy took on the task of recycling 55,243 mannequins nationwide. Their objective: to lessen carbon emissions and divert metal and plastic from landfills. Through innovative methods and thorough planning, they achieved success in their mission. Employing creative recycling techniques and sustainable practices, CheckSammy and their client surpassed their goals, showcasing the viability of large-scale recycling projects. This case study highlights the effectiveness of teamwork and determination in addressing environmental issues, emphasizing the significance of prioritizing sustainability in business endeavors.

Read about how we solved this challenge and the impact made by downloading the Case Study below:

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