Beat the Heat: How Power Washing Can Reduce Heat-Related Damages to Your Commercial Property

With higher than ever summer temperatures, it’s increasingly important for businesses to address the effects of extreme heat on their commercial properties. Climbing temperatures pose a real and significant threat to commercial properties, affecting their structural integrity, aesthetics, and even their energy efficiency.

In the face of these challenges, one effective solution that can help mitigate the harsh impacts of intense heat is commercial power washing. Power washing, while typically used for blasting away grime and dirt, can also play an instrumental role in reducing heat-related damages. By understanding how to use pressure washing for these purposes, your business can take steps to shield your commercial properties from the effects of high temperatures, helping ensure a longer lifespan and better maintenance of your valuable assets. Let’s dive in.

Understanding Heat-Related Damages

Different materials used in property construction have different vulnerabilities when exposed to intense heat: 

  • Asphalt roofing and siding. Despite their high durability and cost-effectiveness, these materials can warp or buckle under extreme heat.

  • Wood and metal. Used extensively in building structures, these materials are prone to thermal expansion, which can result in cracks and long-term structural instability.

  • Concrete. Even this durable material isn’t immune; sustained high temperatures can lead to thermal expansion, causing fractures and undermining durability.

Studies conducted on asphalt roof tiles show that the material begins to soften at around 140℉ roof temperature, which can lead to asphalt bleeding out of the tiles. With roofs easily reaching 150℉ on hot summer afternoons, this leads to quicker deterioration of roofing materials. 

Common heat-related damages in commercial properties include: 

  • Faded paint
  • Cracked or warped surfaces
  • Compromised roofing
  • An overall increase in the brittleness of building materials

Heat also intensifies the effect of UV radiation, which leads to surface discoloration and material deterioration over time.

These damages, while detrimental to the property’s visual appeal, also bring about substantial financial implications. The costs associated with extensive repair or replacement work can escalate quickly. Plus, when the insulation on roofing or wall is damaged from heat exposure, it can lower thermal efficiency and diminish energy conservation – driving up energy costs from heating and cooling. 

And when property damage becomes too severe, businesses risk interrupting their day-to-day business operations to complete necessary repairs, which could result in loss of revenue. Based on these potential impacts, preventing heat-related damage isn’t just a question of maintaining appearances, but it becomes an essential business decision that significantly impacts the bottom line. Let’s look at how power washing can help with maintaining your commercial property.

The Science Behind Power Washing and Reducing Heat

Power washing is a well-known solution for cleaning caked-on dirt and grime off building exteriors to restore cleanliness that offers businesses many benefits. But there’s more to this process than meets the eye. Power washing, also known as pressure washing, involves using a high-pressure mechanical sprayer to remove dirt, grime, mold, algae, and other unwanted substances from surfaces. It’s an effective, efficient process that can remove the most stubborn dirt on various materials, from concrete and asphalt to wood and metal.

While power washing is commonly used for cleaning purposes, and is an excellent way to get your property in top shape before the busy event season, its role in maintaining commercial properties extends far beyond this traditional usage. 

A regular power washing schedule can help preserve your property’s exterior by removing harmful substances that can degrade materials over time. This practice offers the following benefits: 

  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Increased lifespan of the property
  • Preserved aesthetic appeal

Power washing can also be a useful tool for combating heat-related damages in commercial properties. Here’s how it works: 

  1. Certain substances that accumulate on your property’s exterior, like dust, grime, and soot, can absorb more heat than the material underneath. These substances, often dark in color, can absorb and retain more heat than lighter surfaces, a phenomenon known as the albedo effect.
  2. Over time, this can increase the overall temperature of the surface, accelerating heat-related damage. 
  3. By power washing these heat-absorbing substances away and thus lightening the color of these surfaces, you can effectively lower the surface temperature of your property, thereby reducing the potential for heat-related damages.

Power washing is a preventative solution to combat the effects of higher summer temperatures. It offers an additional layer of protection for your commercial property, ensuring it remains in the best possible condition despite the challenges of intense heat. 

Invest in Power Washing to Combat Heat-Related Damages

In today’s world, commercial properties face the escalating threat of heat-related damages. From material deterioration to increased energy costs, the repercussions are both financially and operationally significant. But with the strategic use of power washing on a regular schedule, you can mitigate these effects and safeguard your property’s longevity and aesthetics.

As the summer heat intensifies, don’t let your property bear the brunt of it. Take action today and shield your commercial property with a sustainable power washing solution like CheckSammy’s commercial power washing service. 

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