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Have A Broken TV?: Here’s what you can do with It

TV has been a big part of everyone’s life for many decades. But they still break or need an upgrade. When a TV breaks and there are no chances of restoration, you must replace it as quickly as possible. But what exactly can you do with an old, broken TV? Dumping it in a trash can might be the right option, but in certain places, it’s illegal.

Many people will try to sell the components of the TV at an electronics store, through which they can earn a bit of money. Many TVs, especially the ones that have an LCD screen, can be dangerous for the environment. You need to dispose of an old TV properly, and there are several ways to get that done.

What to do with broken TV

It doesn’t matter if you want to use its replacement parts or if you wish to get rid of the dead pixels, dead motherboard, or broken screen, you can certainly do something with the broken TV that will not harm the environment. Through this post, you will learn what to do with a broken TV or a broken LCD TV.

Things to Do With A Broken TV

When it comes to an old TV or broken TV, there are various things you can do with them. Many people opt for the LCD TV recycling program, and others think of selling off the broken TV locally at a shop.

Besides that, there are many people who return it back to the TV manufacturers to receive a new TV in return or receive money for it. It’s because the parts of the old or broken TV are considered valuable and might be helpful to be used on a new TV.

But there are additional things that you can do with your broken TV and even a flat screen tv. Let’s find out!

Create a DIY [Do It Yourself] Skylight

When you have an old broken TV that has a broken screen, you can turn it into a skylight. Remember, the screen of a smart TV contains LED lights, liquid crystals, a diffuser, a light-guided plate, and prism plates.

You can easily assemble a light-paneled screen with the plates from the LCD TVs. When the light comes from a bit far, it will produce a daylight effect on the room it’s installed. Make sure to get off the panel because they become non-functional after you dismantle the entire old TV.

Construct a Dual Monitor Set Up

Construct a dual-monitor setup

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If you want to expand the view, you can transform the old TV screen into a 2nd-hand monitor for your computer. Doing so will help you add another mesh because it will prioritize your work and also help you multitask while you attend all the online meetings or play games. To set up the dual monitor, you can do so by attaching the TV to the MXQ 4K Pro box, just in case you possess a smart television.

Develop a DAKboard

DAKboard is a firm that offers wall displays, MicroSD, and CPUs, which you can easily plug into the Raspberry PI. You can purchase a DAKboard along with its software or just create a DAKboard and purchase a CPU with the broken TVs.

DAKboard is a bit similar to the smart mirror, and the only difference is that it’s “NOT” a mirror. It’s a dashboard that shows all types of information, such as news, fitness information, stocks, time, and weather forecasts.

Restore Back Your TV

Restoring your TV is one of the best and increasingly common things to do. When the television falls under the warranty period, you must take it to its original retailer. Otherwise, you can take it to a good restoration shop where you can get it fixed at a reasonable price.

Even though you might not come across some reliable TV repairing shops these days, there are locations that do these types of work. You can look for them on the internet. Check to find some local repair shops around your area.

You will find certain companies that sell, buy, recycle, and even restore TVs. Depending on what exactly is wrong with your TV, this might be an inexpensive and simple work that an individual can get done without many problems.

Sell the TV

There are many individuals who purchase broken TVs for their components to restore other sets. But some are interested in a TV that carries one specific issue, which they can live with. If you wish your TV to be safely disposed of, it will be much better to list it under local charities or classified advertising platforms.

You might only get to make a little cash by selling off these broken and old TVs, but you will certainly earn a good amount. When you list your Samsung TV on the classified site, you must include its picture and also some information about it, such as when you purchased it, how the old LCD screen broke or not, and so on.

Doing so, you will get plenty of responses from the buyers on the flat screen televisions. You also need to provide the size, the model, and the manufacturer’s name. For the asking price of the entire TV or LED TV, try doing some research on the other listing,

When you get a few responses, you can list a price that is pretty negotiable and also ask for offers.

Transform the TV into A Fish Tank

Transform the TV into A Fish Tank

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Do you have a pet fish at home? Why not give it a new home? You can transform your old broken device into a fish tank. This is another cool option apart from turning the TV into a coffee table, and it’s a simple DIY project.

This project is an excellent option for you if you have an old Cathode TV because they are pretty bulky and will serve as an excellent vessel. You need to remove the main board or circuit boards and get rid of the backplate, the power source, and all the electronics.

You can remove the old TV screen and replace it with an aquarium right inside the TV box. Once you are all done building the fish tank, you can decorate the exteriors of the TV with LED lighting strips and then fill it with water, and put your fish inside it.

You can also decorate the interiors with a fish castle, stones, and water plants, or you can build a modern apartment for your pet fish. This way, you will get the chance to place the old television in your living room instead of at a local landfill.

Recycle the Old TV

Just like all the other electronic devices, TV recycling will be a perfect option for you when you have an old and broken smart or flatscreen TV. Depending on the area or location you reside in, throwing away electronics like TVs in regular junk can be illegal.

Due to such reasons, recycling TVs becomes the best option. You will come across many recycling centers that accept broken and old TVs. This type of recycling facility is set by landfills located across the globe.

You will find plenty of information about these centers on their online site, such as whether or not they pick up the e waste on a certain day/days. They also have information on what time or hour they come and pick up these products.

But remember, many of the landfills might ask you to pay up a fee once you bring the TV. But other landfills will accept them for free. Otherwise, you can check other options for recycling.

Sell the TV to a Repair Shop for the Spare Parts

The TV preparing shops do purchase broken and old CRT televisions, which they can refurbish and sell off. They also require alternate parts, which they cause for other TV models. It’s one of the actual reasons why these shops purchase these televisions.

They will use parts like capacitors, power boards, inverters, and power supplies for other TVs. You can easily look for the best and trusted TV repairing shop by searching them on Google. You will certainly come across some of the best companies.

Once you find the repairing shop be sure to ask them about the price they will pay you for the broken old TV. But make sure that the company you choose is licensed or registered under the government.

Selling Broken TV on Amazon: Is It Possible?

When you are planning to sell old TVs or broken TVs, you cannot do so through Amazon. Even though this platform has both the “Haul-Away Service and Trade-In Service, they’re not accepting TVs currently. The Trade-In is for small appliances. The Haul-Away ones are for bigger appliances, such as washing machines. This service will surely expand in the coming future to enable TV recycling work.

Sell Your Old TV Through CheckSammy

Sell Your Old TV Through CheckSammy

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Whether you’re looking for recycling companies that will buy broken TVs or old screens, you should contact junk removal and sustainability service providers like CheckSammy.

This company carries a reputation for being one of the leading junk removal companies in the world. They have helped many industries with their effective solutions. They use the power of AI [Artificial Intelligence], Trace and Track, and Blockchain technology to provide a next-generation solution.

Their innovative technology will answer all questions related to recycling, junk removal, landfills, and many other things. They have also partnered up with some of the top-tier firms in the industry to make sure their clients receive the best service from their site.

They serve sectors like commercial, residential, hospitality, industrial, hospitals and nursing homes, and airports. CheckSammy also provides its services to venues and stadiums, colleges and universities, municipalities and cities, and apartment communities.

Choose CheckSammy and Recycle Your Old TV

Now, you can look somewhere else to sell or recycle your old and broken television. CheckSammy is one of the best companies to choose from.

They offer top-notch recycling services and also provide reporting, data, and analytics solutions for waste removal. Taking up their services means your TV will not end at a landfill.

Besides that, CheckSammy has over 250,000 reserved recycling carriers and over 5000 drivers across the globe. Their aim is to reduce waste and improve sustainability with their technology.

The company offers subscription-based and on-demand pricing options. They also have the ability to handle all types of complicated recycling and waste situations. This is certainly not possible by other junk removal companies in the market.

Around 9.5 million reusable waste ends up in the trash yard. CheckSammy is utilizing the power of technology to make sustainability, waste management, and junk collection a lot easier for all its customers.

Right before you start using the services or solutions from CheckSammy, be sure to check all the services they have in-store. But don’t think twice once you have decided to take up their services, contact the experts from CheckSammy today!

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